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  • Indie Artists on Indie Theater: About Zurich, New York

    A look at the creation of Zurich, New York, a compendium of three linked one-act plays developed by Essential Theatre Group.

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  • Indie Artists on New Plays: An Octoroon

    Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’s An Octoroon, adapted from a nineteenth-century melodrama, is big and bold and intricate and wildly ambitious. It’s got a keen sense of theatricality, as well as being smart and incisive and funny on a slew of topics: the state and history of American theater, race, gender, how we engage with American history, the idea of cultural authenticity, how we access emotion in a media-saturated world.

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  • Playwrights on New Plays: The Man of the Hour

    The Man Of The Hour by George H. Broadhurst is the latest offering from downtown’s Metropolitan Playhouse in their season of Progress and it shows just how little we have progressed, 109 years later. Politics were the same in 1906 as they are today. Only the players have changed.

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  • Martin on New Plays: Swimming at the Ritz

    Swimming at the Ritz is a marvelous showcase for the excellent actress Judith Hawking: her effervescent and deeply felt portrayal of Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman is not simply a tour de force but a journey through a singular and singularly complicated 20th century life.

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  • The Farm Report: Day two at Centre

    The Farm Theater in collaboration with three colleges (Ashland University, Clark University, and Centre College) commissioned playwright Lindsay Joy to write a play. This blog is to document the journey of the play and be a place for all of us (you included) to join the creative conversation.

    Padraic Lillis looks at the second leg of the Farm Project: production of Lindsay Joy's new play at Centre College.

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  • From the Editor: The Temple, Or, Lebensraum: See the Play. Buy Play

    Nat Cassidy's new play THE TEMPLE is performing at the Brick and is also now available on ITN!

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