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  • United Solo Festival: coverage of the world's largest solo performance event

    United Solo runs at Theater Row Studio in Manhattan thru Nov 23. Check out our reviews and other feature articles!

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  • Indie Artists on New Plays: The Brightness of Heaven

    A quick inventory of the stage, designed to kitschy perfection by Meganne George, tells the audience all we need to know about the family that lives there. Portraits of the Pope and John F. Kennedy both have a place of honor, handmade Easter decorations are proudly displayed, family portraits abound, the fully stocked bar is within easy reach, a well-worn piano flanks the front door and the patriarch snoozes soundly in an overstuffed arm chair.

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  • Playwrights on New Plays: Spacebar: A Broadway Play by Kyle Sugarman

    Maybe I am reading too much into the character of Kyle Sugarman (the play certainly invites it) but I bet that the Michael Mitnick who wrote Spacebar: A Broadway Play By Kyle Sugarman a few years ago is very different than the Michael Mitnick who gave it a polish for its New York Premiere at The Wild Project (now thru November 9th).

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  • Martin on New Plays: Angels and Ministers of Grace

    Theater is supposed to bring catharsis; that was definitely the aim of the earliest works of western drama, and it presumably remains the goal of contemporary playmakers as well. The funny thing is, catharsis sometimes sneaks up on us, becoming all the more welcome and valuable when we don't really expect it to take hold on stage.

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  • The Farm Report: Live streaming - sharing our work

    The Farm Theater in collaboration with three colleges (Ashland University, Clark University, and Centre College) commissioned playwright Lindsay Joy to write a play. This blog is to document the journey of the play and be a place for all of us (you included) to join the creative conversation.

    The college collaboration play In the Event of My Death is having its first performance Thursday, October 30th, at 7:30PM E.S.T. at Ashland University. The school's journalism department will be live streaming the production.

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  • From the Editor: "Dirt" returns to NYC

    One-man play "Dirt" starring Christopher Domig is back in NYC.

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