Top Lord Of The Rings Jokes, Lord Of The Rings Puns, Lord Of The Rings Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best lord of the rings jokes, lord of the rings puns and lord of the rings dad jokes to make you laugh.

1. Hilarious One Ring Jokes That Will Make You Chuckle

1. Why did Frodo go to the jewelry store? To get the One Ring resized!
2. What did Sauron say after the One Ring was destroyed? “Well, that’s a weight off my finger!”
3. How does the One Ring get around Middle-earth? It uses a Ring-sharing app!
4. What do you call a Hobbit who loves the One Ring? A Frodo-maniac!
5. Why did the Hobbit bring the One Ring on a fishing trip? He heard he could catch Sauron!
6. How does the One Ring answer the phone? “Ring, Ring. Who’s there?”
7. Why did the One Ring break up with Frodo? It wanted some space!
8. What’s a Ringwraith’s favorite type of joke? A crypt-ic one!
9. Why did the One Ring go to therapy? It had some serious attachment issues.
10. How does the One Ring stay in shape? It does a lot of ring-around-the-Hobbit!

2. Side-Splitting Gandalf Jokes Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

1. Why did Gandalf become a music producer? Because he knows how to drop a sick beat!
2. How does Gandalf like his coffee? Light and steamy!
3. Why did Gandalf never get lost in the woods? He always knew his whey around!
4. What’s Gandalf’s favorite type of music? Heavy metal!
5. Why did Gandalf start a garden? He wanted to grow some Gand-alfalfa!
6. How does Gandalf greet people in the morning? “Good morning, my precious!”
7. What did Gandalf say to the Balrog? “You shall not pass… gas!”
8. Why did Gandalf bring a map to Mordor? He wanted to take the scenic route!
9. Why did Gandalf switch to decaf? He was concerned about his wizarding blood pressure.
10. How does Gandalf relax after a long day? He enjoys a nice smoke of Longbottom Leaf!

3. Top Funny Hobbit Jokes to Brighten Your Day

1. Why do Hobbits always have good manners? They’re taught to be “hobbitual”!
2. Why did the Hobbit bring a ladder to the bar? He heard the drinks were on the house!
3. How do Hobbits keep in touch with their friends? They send “Fellow-ship” requests!
4. What’s a Hobbit’s favorite type of math? Hobbistics!
5. Why did the Hobbit go to therapy? He had a real “shire” in his confidence!
6. How do Hobbits cool off in the summer? They have a “Frodo”(zen) treat!
7. Why did the Hobbit start a bakery? He wanted to make some Lord of the Scones!
8. What’s a Hobbit’s favorite dance move? The Ring-around-the-Rosie!
9. Why did the Hobbit invite the Orc to dinner? He wanted to practice his “orc-estra”!
10. How do Hobbits like their eggs? Second breakfasted!

4. Laugh Out Loud Legolas Jokes That Will Have You in Stitches

1. Why did Legolas bring a bow to the party? He heard they were going to shoot the breeze!
2. How does Legolas style his hair? With Elven-ted gel!
3. What’s Legolas’s favorite type of cookie? Snickerdoodledorf!
4. Why did Legolas become a ranger? He wanted to put his archery skills to good use!
5. Why did Legolas switch to a vegan diet? He couldn’t bear to “leaf” any creatures behind!
6. How does Legolas stay in shape? He does a lot of Legolas-stretching exercises!
7. Why did Legolas audition for a musical? He heard they needed an Elvish choir!
8. What do you call Legolas when he’s in a hurry? Leg-o’-less time!
9. Why did Legolas join the Elf bowling team? He wanted to hit the lanes with precision!
10. How does Legolas keep track of his arrows? He marks them with a “pointy” end!

5. Rib-Tickling Gollum Jokes That Are Simply Precious

1. Why did Gollum start a diet? He wanted to slim down to “one precious”!
2. What did Gollum say when he lost his ring? “My preciousss, where art thou?”
3. How does Gollum take his coffee? With a “ring” of sugar!
4. Why did Gollum go to therapy? He had some serious “ring”xiety!
5. What’s Gollum’s favorite TV show? The Precious-is Right!
6. How does Gollum calm himself down? He practices his “yoga-ishes”!
7. Why did Gollum bring a fishing rod to Mount Doom? He heard there were plenty of “fishes” in the lava!
8. What did Gollum say when he finally got the ring back? “My precious, we’re back together at last!”
9. How does Gollum stay hydrated? He drinks a lot of Mountain Dew!
10. Why did Gollum take up poetry? He wanted to express his precious thoughts in rhyme!