Top Cider Jokes, Cider Puns, Cider Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best cider jokes, cider puns and cider dad jokes to make you laugh.

1. Hilarious Cider Puns to Make you Laugh

1. Why did the apple stop in the middle of the road? It ran out of juice!
2. What do you call an apple that plays the guitar? A jammin’ cider!
3. How do you make a cider laugh? Tick-le its funny bone!
4. Why did the cider go to the doctor? It wasn’t peeling well!
5. Did you hear about the cider that won the race? It was a real ap-peel-er!
6. What do you get when you cross a pineapple with a cider? A fruit punchline!
7. Why did the cider break up with the wine? It couldn’t handle the drama!
8. How do you turn apple cider into gold? By adding a little bit of liquid honey!
9. What do you call a group of ciders hanging out together? A bushel of laughs!
10. Why did the cider go to school? To become classically trained in the art of fermentation!

2. Side-Splitting Cider Jokes that Will Brighten Your Day

1. What did the apple cider say to the wine? “You’re grape, but I’m appley ever after!”
2. Why did the cider refuse to play hide and seek? It didn’t want to be un-cider-able!
3. How do you make apple cider? Give it a good squeeze and let it ferment its feelings!
4. Why was the apple cider upset with the fruit punch? It felt like it was just squeezing by!
5. What did the cider say to the apple tree? “You’re the root of my happiness!”
6. Why did the cider bring a ladder to the bar? It wanted to reach new heights!
7. How do you know when an apple cider is lying? It’s hard to tell, they always seem pressed!
8. Why did the apple cider join the soccer team? It wanted to be the MVP (Most Valuable Pint)!
9. What’s a cider’s favorite TV show? The Fermented Files!
10. Why was the apple cider always late to work? It couldn’t find the right balance between pulp fiction and non-fiction!

3. The Top Cider One-Liners Guaranteed to Impress Your Friends

1. I have a strong belief in the power of apple-lause!
2. Cider is always the apple of my eye!
3. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cider, and that’s pretty much the same thing!
4. The only thing better than a good joke is a crisp glass of cider to go along with it!
5. I like my cider like I like my jokes – dry and full of puns!
6. Cider: Because water just doesn’t have the same a-peel!
7. I’m not drinking alone, I’m accompanied by my trusty sidekick, cider!
8. I’m not a hoarder, I’m just stocking up for cider season!
9. Cider: The drink that keeps the doctor away…if you throw it hard enough!
10. Cider: Making Mondays feel like Fridays, one sip at a time!

4. Laugh Out Loud Cider Jokes for Any Occasion

1. Why did the cider go to the dance? It heard there would be a lot of apple-tunities!
2. I asked the barber for a cider cut, and now my hair is looking apple-solutely fabulous!
3. What did the cider say after a long day of apple picking? “This was way more fermentation than I bargained for!”
4. How do you catch a squirrel with cider? Climb a tree and act like a nut!
5. Why did the cider break up with the apple pie? It couldn’t handle the crust issues!
6. Why did the apple cider go into therapy? It had too many apple-sodes in its past!
7. What do you call a cider that’s always making bad jokes? A real corker!
8. Why did the cider get a job at the brewery? It needed to branch out!
9. What do you call a cider that can’t stop talking? A chatty apple-tizer!
10. What’s a cider’s favorite day of the week? Ciderday!