Top Vietnamese Jokes, Vietnamese Puns, Vietnamese Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best vietnamese jokes, vietnamese puns and vietnamese dad jokes to make you laugh.

Hilarious Vietnamese Jokes That Will Have You Laughing Out Loud

1. Why did the pho start a band? Because it had all the right ingredients for a good broth!
2. What do you call a cute Vietnamese dessert? Pho-nominal!
3. Why do Vietnamese drivers make bad comedians? Because they always go off the road with their jokes!
4. What did the noodles say to the beef? Let’s stir-fry and make some pho-nomenal soup!
5. Why did the spring roll cross the road? To get to the other pho-side!
6. Why don’t Vietnamese people play hide and seek? Because good pho never hides!
7. Why was the Vietnamese coffee so good at math? It always knew how to make a perfect blend!
8. What do you call a Vietnamese astronaut? Pho-naut!
9. Why did the Vietnamese banquets always have an odd number of dishes? So they wouldn’t be even pho-od!
10. How do you know if a Vietnamese dish has enough flavor? It’s pho-llowed with a second helping!

Side-splitting Funny Jokes from Vietnamese Culture

1. Why did the Vietnamese man bring a ladder to the bar? Because he heard the drinks were on the house!
2. How does a Vietnamese farmer keep his chickens in line? He egg-courages good behavior!
3. Why did the Vietnamese chef get promoted? Because he was pho-nomenal at his job!
4. What did the Vietnamese fortune teller say to the pho customer? “Your future looks souper!”
5. Why do Vietnamese ghosts only eat pho? Because it’s to die for!
6. How do Vietnamese poets write their love poems? They pho-cus on the broth of their emotions!
7. Why do Vietnamese weddings have so many courses? To make sure the guests pho-sitively enjoy the celebration!
8. What do you call a Vietnamese snake that loves to cook? A pho-ython chef!
9. Why did the Vietnamese basketball team always win? Because they had a pho-llow-through in their shots!
10. What do you call a Vietnamese cat that loves to dance? A pho-line dancer!

Laugh Till You Cry with These Top Vietnamese Jokes

1. Why did the Vietnamese statue always win in contests? Because it had a pho-chiseled physique!
2. How does a Vietnamese fisherman stay calm during a storm? He takes a deep breath and inhales some pho-tential!
3. Why did the Vietnamese comedian go broke? He kept pho-getting his punchlines!
4. What do you call a Vietnamese superhero who fights crime with noodles? Pho-man!
5. Why did the Vietnamese computer scientist get fired? Because he kept pho-cusing on RAM-en instead of the hard drive!
6. How do Vietnamese turtles like their soup? Pho-t and spicy!
7. Why did the Vietnamese musician become a chef? He wanted to hit all the right pho-notes in the kitchen!
8. What do you call a Vietnamese singer who can’t hold a tune? Pho-tone deaf!
9. Why did the Vietnamese tour guide always have a smile on his face? Because he loved to share the pho-nomenal sights with visitors!
10. What do you call a Vietnamese ghost who loves to tell jokes? A pho-antom comedian!