Top Shell Jokes, Shell Puns, Shell Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best shell jokes, shell puns and shell dad jokes to make you laugh.

1. Clamming Up: Hilarious Shell Jokes that Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

1. Why did the clam blush? Because it saw the ocean’s bottom!
2. What did the oyster say to the clam at the party? “You’re so shellfish!”
3. How do you make a clam laugh? Tell it a shellarious joke!
4. Why do oysters never give to charity? Because they are shellfish!
5. What do you call a snail that’s on a cruise ship? A snailor!
6. How does an octopus go into battle? Well-armed!
7. What did the sea say to the sand? Nothing, it just waved!
8. Why was the shrimp so bad at sharing? Because it was a little shellfish!
9. Why did the lobster attend school? To become a little breader!
10. What did one shell say to the other shell when they got in a fight? “Let’s clam down!”

2. From Shell Shocked to Shell Chuckles: The Funniest Jokes About Shells

1. Why did the hermit crab go to the gym? To work on its shellfie!
2. Why do seagulls fly over the sea? Because if they flew over the bay, they’d be bagels!
3. What did the scallop say to its friend? “I’ve got a lot of mussel!”
4. How do you cheer up a lonely oyster? Shell-out some compliments!
5. Why do crabs never share their food? Because they’re shellfish!
6. What did the clam do at the party? It clam-baked!
7. Why are seashells so cheap to buy? Because they’re always on sale!
8. What type of music do seashells listen to? Anything shell-a-fied!
9. How do you console a shell in distress? Shell out some hugs!
10. Why don’t oysters donate to charity? Because they are shellfish!

3. Shell Yeah! The Top Shell Jokes Guaranteed to Make Your Friends Crack Up

1. Why did the clam win the talent show? Because it had a lot of mussel!
2. Why do oysters go to school? To improve their shuck-ducation!
3. What did the fish say when it hit the wall? Dam!
4. How do you throw a party for a lobster? You shellibrate!
5. Why don’t clams ever give to charity? Because they are shellfish!
6. What do you call a snail on a ship? A snailor!
7. How do you make a shell laugh? Crack a joke!
8. What did the oyster say to the clam? You’re so shellfish!
9. Why are seashells so generous? Because they are always giving!
10. What kind of shell never goes to the beach? A pantry shell!