Tips for Theater Artists

Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie

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Time is an asset among theatre artists. The long hours practicing and mastering the script before they go live in the theater halls means little time is left to take care of their other needs.

Actors have specific roles they play. It means it should also be in line with their physical health.

You may have to cook on screen in some cases if that’s what the plot dictates, why not.

You can take that role when you know your culinary skills are near perfect. That means the timing and perfection in culinary talent come in handy.

In case you are given such a role, your culinary tips act as a savior here instead of gambling onset.

If you are used to kitchen functions, you’ll find the role fun and exciting. That could be the beginning of your public limelight due to the perfection of the role.

As small as it may look, it’s the springboard to a great and prosperous career.

Cooking involves

  • Meal planning
  • Meal preparation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Actual cooking
  • Setting the table
  • Cleaning utensils

Here are a few culinary skills vital in the career of theatre actors. The tips should aim at saving time. After all, even in the cooking roles, time is of the essence. Therefore if you practice them at home, you’ll find the part fun and enjoyable.

Have you acted on something you are passionate about and you love. That is the role that will bring you to public limelight in months.

Invest in kitchen appliances

The kitchen is incomplete without the kitchen appliances. It would help if you had the right kitchen appliances to make work easier and to save time.

Instead of using the regular cooker to make coffee, why not invest in an espresso machine to guarantee your coffee throughout the day.

What of a rice cooker. Theatre actors are jovial and social people. Hosting family and friends is the order of the day.

It’s impractical not to invest in a fire pit for your outdoor cooking.  Getting a propane fire pit is the most prudent decision based on the numerous positive reviews.

Cutting meat is inevitable in the kitchen; it’s like a repetitive task; think of buying a meat slicer to get the thin slice.

Cut all your vegetables once a week

Just like in business operations, technology has taken repetitive tasks. Similarly, when you know, it is a daily routine once you start cooking.

Do them once, like cutting the vegetables, do it once a week and store them in a freezer. It lessens the time taken to prepare a sumptuous meal.

That also helps you to handle your cooking role with ease.

Plan ahead of time

As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail. You know you have a busy schedule at the cinema halls, yet you also need to take care of your physical health by taking a balanced diet.

Have a plan of what you want to achieve and how you want to get to that level. Some of the guides in planning for an effective cooking time include

  • Get a meal planner
  • Cooks cereals in bulk and store
  • Do bulk grocery shopping
  • Have a definite cooking time

Wash your vegetables before storing them

It’s the simple things that you fail to do that consume a lot of your time. Use that time to cram your manuscript for your much-awaited movie.

Cooking should be fast, of course not compromising on the quality. You need to have all your vegetable from the fridge then straight to the cooking pot, now that they are already cut into small slices.

As simple as it may sound, it saves you a lot of time you dire need, especially during the peak theatre season. 

Preset the table

There is a reason we have different rooms with specific purposes. When not privileged to have a modern house, you can’t miss a table even if it’s not a dining table.

Things you need to use anytime you are at the dining table should have a permanent residence there.

As long as you arrange them neatly and pleasantly, they form part of the room’s beauty.

Things like

  • Salt shaker
  • Sugar dish
  • Tomato sauce
  • Pepper bowl
  • Beverage set

Freeze your tomatoes

Is there a meal that lacks tomatoes? In fact, in your grocery budget, it tends to take almost 30 percent of the budget.

What that means is that you have to have them in bulk. Remember, they are perishable.

Although there are tips to prolong their stay. One sure way is to freeze them to maintain their nutritional value. Other hacks include

  • Store them in the open air with bulb onions
  • Have some fresh lemons in the tomato storage basket
  • Dry tomatoes and store them in a plastic container
  • Store them in a can with new preservatives

Have a kitchen garden with favorite herbs on it

Vegetables, herbs, and spices, these three categories of foods form most of the grocery shopping.

Did you know you can save a single coin by having a kitchen garden? Look at a small place at the backyard, and engage your mind away from the face of cameras to enhance your creative skills.

It comes with lots of benefits which include

  • Guarantees you fresh produce free from chemicals
  • Saves you time and money
  • Acts as a form of physical exercise
  • Relieves your of theatre-related stress
  • Supports emotional and physical health

Cooking should not be an issue when you are equipped with the right skills and hacks that don’t compromise your time at the acting halls.  It’s also a pass time that deviates your mind away from producers, cameras, and the face of cinema halls.