Top Recycling Jokes, Recycling Puns, Recycling Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best recycling jokes, recycling puns and recycling dad jokes to make you laugh.

Trash Talk: The Funniest Recycling Jokes

1. Why did the plastic bottle join a band? Because it wanted to be a “re-purposed” percussion instrument!
2. What did the eco-friendly person say to their trash can? I’m green, you’re green, we should be best buds!
3. How does a pirate recycle their old ship? They “ARRR”range for it to be turned into a new boat!
4. Why did the recycling bin break up with the trash can? It couldn’t handle the garbage’s refuse-al!
5. What did the recycle bin say to the soda can? We’re meant to be can-patible!
6. Why do bicycles make great recyclers? They wheel-y know how to reduce and reuse!
7. How does a tree recycle? It leaves its old bark behind and grows a new one!
8. Why was the recycling bin always cold? It was made of plastic and couldn’t retain heat!
9. Why do ghosts make terrible recyclers? They’re always throwing sheets in the trash instead of recycling them!
10. How can you tell when a joke is made out of recycled material? It’s just a re-hash of an old punchline!

Laughing Green: Hilarious Jokes About Recycling

1. Why did the electric car break up with the recycling bin? It couldn’t handle the power struggle!
2. How does a smartphone recycle? It keeps getting a new case!
3. Why do frogs make great recyclers? They’re always hopping on the eco-friendly bandwagon!
4. What did one recycling bin say to the other? I’m green with envy over your plastic capacity!
5. How do astronauts recycle in space? They comet to it with a stellar attitude!
6. Why did the recycling plant hire a comedian? They wanted to turn trash into laughter!
7. How does a computer recycle? It reboots and upgrades its hard drive!
8. What do you call a recycling bin that’s tired? Bin-dedicated to the cause!
9. Why did the recycling truck date the garbage truck? It wanted to show it the “green” side of life!
10. How do aliens recycle on Earth? They use their flying saucers to pick up recyclables!

Reduce, Reuse, LOL: Top Recycling Jokes That Will Make You Chuckle

1. Why did the paper clip refuse to recycle? It was stuck in its old ways!
2. How does a skeleton recycle? It throws its bones in the compost pile!
3. Why was the recycling bin always on time? It had a good sense of garbage collection!
4. What did the recycling bin say to the compost heap? Let’s stick together and make the Earth a better place!
5. How do worms recycle? They compost their food and turn it into nutrient-rich soil!
6. Why did the tomato blush at the recycling plant? It saw the salad dressing up!
7. What do you call a recycling bin on a diet? A slim bin!
8. How do trees recycle their leaves? They leaf them to decompose and nourish the soil!
9. Why did the banana go to the recycling plant? It heard it was a-peeling!
10. How do raindrops recycle? They turn into puddles and then evaporate to start the cycle again!

Garbage Humor: Recycling Puns and One-Liners That Will Have You in Stitches

1. Why did the recycling bin hire a lawyer? It wanted to “sue” for custody of the trash!
2. How does a cow recycle? It moooooo-ves the earth with its manure!
3. Why did the tree refuse to recycle? It didn’t want to leaf its old habits behind!
4. What did the recycling bin say to the soda can? You’re so can-tastic!
5. How do dogs recycle? They bury their bones for future generations!
6. Why did the recycling bin go to school? To get a degree in environmental science!
7. What did the garbage bag say to the recycling bin? I’m trash-talking you behind your back!
8. How does a flower recycle? It blossoms from its composted remains!
9. Why did the recycling plant win the comedy competition? It had the best “waste” of humor!
10. How do rocks recycle? They weather over time and become part of the earth again!

Eco-Friendly Comedy: Funny Recycling Jokes for Green Thumbs and Funny Bones

1. Why did the tree go to the recycling plant? It wanted to branch out and make a difference!
2. How do ghosts recycle their old sheets? They booooost them back into fabric!
3. Why did the recycling bin become a motivational speaker? It wanted to inspire others to reduce, reuse, and laugh!
4. What did the soda can say to the aluminum foil? Let’s stick together and stay aluminum-inated!
5. How do birds help with recycling? They spread seeds that grow into trees that absorb carbon emissions!
6. Why did the recycling plant throw a party? To celebrate turning trash into treasure!
7. What did the recycling bin say to the litter box? Please, clean up your act!
8. How do ants recycle? They break down organic matter into compost for their colonies!
9. Why did the earthworm go to the recycling plant? It heard they were hiring compost turners!
10. How do bees help with recycling? They pollinate flowers that turn into fruits and vegetables that reduce food waste!