Top Peru Jokes, Peru Puns, Peru Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best peru jokes, peru puns and peru dad jokes to make you laugh.

1. Peruvian Puns: The Top 10 Jokes That Will Make You Llama-laugh

1. Why did the llama go to therapy? It had too much drama in its herd.
2. How do you greet a llama in Peru? Lla-mañana!
3. What do you call a group of llamas singing together? A llama-jam.
4. Why did the llama refuse to share its snacks? It was very self-llama-ted.
5. What did the llama say to its therapist? “I’m tired of all this drama in my alpaca circle.”
6. Why was the llama always the life of the party? It knew how to bring the drama-llama.
7. What do you call a llama who likes to tell jokes? A comedian-camel!
8. Why did the llama break up with its partner? It felt they were no longer on the same llovel.
9. What’s a llama’s favorite magazine? Alpaca Digest.
10. How do llamas stay in touch with each other? They use the Llamaternet.

2. Machu Picchu Humor: 10 Hilarious Peru Jokes That Will Make You Say “Inca-redible!”

1. Why did the Inca emperor refuse to eat the soup? It wasn’t his forté.
2. How did the Inca warrior win the battle? With Inca-redible strength!
3. What do you call an Inca emperor who loves to dance? A Salsa Inca.
4. Why did the Inca ruler get a pet llama? For its Inca-redible loyalty.
5. Why did the Inca gods never lose at hide and seek? Because they always Machu Picchu hiding spots.
6. What do you call a group of Inca warriors playing soccer? The Machu-Pitchu team.
7. Why was the Inca farmer always happy? He had an Inca-redible crop yield.
8. How did the Inca chef make the perfect meal? With Inca-dible ingredients.
9. What did the Inca say when he finished building a pyramid? “That’s Inca-credible!”
10. Why did the Inca architect always have a job? He built Inca-redible structures.

3. Andean Antics: The Funniest Peru Jokes That Will Alpaca Punch of Laughter

1. What do you call a mischievous alpaca? An Alpa-cacino!
2. Why did the alpaca refuse to share its wool? It was feeling a bit sheep-ish.
3. What do you call an alpaca with great dance moves? An Alpa-chino!
4. How do alpacas stay in shape? They do alpaca-robics.
5. Why did the alpaca win the race? It had alpaca lot of stamina.
6. What do you call an alpaca with an attitude? An Alpaca-loud.
7. Why did the alpaca bring a pencil to the party? In case it needed to draw blood (llama!)
8. How do alpacas keep track of their schedule? They use an alpaca-planner.
9. What did the alpaca say to its friend on a rainy day? “Let’s alpaca umbrella!”
10. Why did the alpaca go to the doctor? It was feeling al-paca-lyptic.

4. Cusco Comedy: 10 Side-Splitting Peru Jokes That Will Have You Salsa-dancing with Joy

1. Why did the salsa dancer go to Peru? To learn the Inca-dance!
2. What did the salsa instructor say to the lazy student? “Quit guacamoleing around and start dancing!”
3. How did the salsa dancer become a millionaire? By juggling pesos on the dance floor.
4. Why did the salsa dancer bring a ladder to the club? To reach the higher notes in the salsa music.
5. What do you call a salsa dancer with a cold? A-chu-cha-cha-choo!
6. Why did the salsa dancer go to the beach? To do the salsa-sea-dance.
7. How do you know when a salsa dancer is telling the truth? Their hips don’t lie!
8. Why did the salsa dancer refuse to give up? Because they had a fiery passion for dancing.
9. What do you call a salsa dancer with no rhythm? A salsa-nova.
10. Why did the salsa dancer become a chef? To add some spice to their life on and off the dance floor.

5. Lima Laughs: The Best Peru Jokes That Will Make You Ceviche-up with Laughter

1. Why did the ceviche break up with the taco? It couldn’t handle the heat.
2. How do you make a ceviche laugh? You tickle its lime!
3. What do you call a funny ceviche? A crit-ical joke.
4. Why did the ceviche refuse to join the swim team? It didn’t want to end up as seafood.
5. What’s a ceviche’s favorite type of music? Jazz-infused seaweed.
6. Why did the ceviche go to therapy? It had too many fishy issues.
7. How do you organize a fantastic ceviche party? You let the seafood mingle.
8. What do you call a ceviche in a hurry? A quick-catch seafood salad.
9. Why did the ceviche want to become a stand-up comedian? It wanted to shell out some fishy jokes.
10. How did the ceviche respond when it was told it was spicy? “Thanks for the cayenne-tip!”