Top Painting Jokes, Painting Puns, Painting Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best painting jokes, painting puns and painting dad jokes to make you laugh.

Brushing Up on Humor: The Top Painting Jokes That Will Leave You in Stitches

1. Why was the artist always calm? He knew how to brush off his problems.
2. What did the artist say to the thief? You can’t take that, it’s canvas evidence.
3. Why did the painter bring a ladder to the bar? He heard the drinks were on the house.
4. How did the artist fix his broken heart? He turned it into art.
5. Why did the paintbrush break up with the pencil? It felt like they were drawing apart.
6. Why did the paint can refuse to open? It was stuck in its ways.
7. What did the art gallery do when it lost power? They had an ex-hibition.
8. Why do artists never get lost? They always stay on canvas.
9. What did the painter say to the cold canvas? Chill out, I’ll make you a masterpiece.
10. How did the artist make his paints laugh? He told them colorful jokes.

Colorful Comedy: Hilarious Painting Jokes That Will Brighten Your Day

1. Why was the painting always so popular? It had a brush with fame.
2. What do you call a fake painting? An artifiction.
3. Why was the artist always best friends with the color blue? Because they never felt yellow about anything.
4. How do you fix a broken painting? With a little bit of art-therapy.
5. Why did the artist paint his wife green? He was feeling a little emerald imotion.
6. What did the paint say to the artist? I’m ready to brush up on my skills.
7. Why did the painter break up with his easel? The relationship was too one-sided.
8. How did the artist pay for his new canvas? He drew from his savings.
9. Why did the artist become a comedian? He wanted to paint a picture with his jokes.
10. What did the canvas say to the brush? Stop it, you’re making me blush!

Putting a Funny Spin on Art: The Best Painting Jokes for Art Lovers and Joke Enthusiasts Alike

1. Why did the artist never mess up? He always had a stroke of genius.
2. How did the painter become a stand-up comedian? He found his stroke of humor.
3. What do you call a group of artists? A colorful bunch.
4. Why did the art thief go to jail? He couldn’t draw the line between right and wrong.
5. What did the artist say to the blank canvas? It’s time to make our mark.
6. Why did the painting go to the doctor? It had a bad case of brush strokes.
7. How did the artist become a millionaire? He made a fortune with his mix-tapes.
8. What do artists use to stay warm? A palette (pallet) of blankets.
9. Why did the paintbrush refuse to work? It needed some time to brush up on its skills.
10. What did the artist say when asked if he wanted to go out? Sorry, I’m canvas-ing the area for inspiration.

Laughing All the Way to the Canvas: The Funniest Painting Jokes That Will Make You Appreciate Art and Comedy

1. Why do painters always carry a pencil? In case they need to draw any conclusions.
2. How did the artist know it was time to stop painting? The writing was on the wall.
3. What did the painter say to the sketch artist? You really know how to draw attention.
4. Why did the artist break up with the art dealer? They couldn’t agree on the brush-strokes.
5. Why did the painter start a garden? He wanted to paint the town green.
6. What happened when the artist ran out of blue paint? He was feeling a little off-color.
7. How does the artist stay in shape? By doing canvas-robics.
8. Why was the paint can always so calm? It had a can-do attitude.
9. What do you call a painting of a loaf of bread? Still life.
10. Why did the art student fail his geometry class? He couldn’t draw a straight line to save his life.

From Canvas to Comedy: The Most Memorable Painting Jokes That Will Have You Seeing the Funny Side of Art

1. Why was the artist always broke? He kept losing his Monet.
2. How does an artist become famous? By drawing attention to themselves.
3. What did the painter say to the critic? I brush off your negativity.
4. Why did the artist wear sunglasses while painting? To shade the haters.
5. What did the canvas say to the paint? Let’s make a masterpiece together.
6. How did the artist become a billionaire? He made a few brush strokes of luck.
7. Why did the palette go to therapy? It needed to let its colors out.
8. What’s an artist’s favorite drink? A paint-killer.
9. Why was the painting so confident? It had a lot of layers to it.
10. How do you know when an artist is lying? Their colors start to run.