Top Mouse Jokes, Mouse Puns, Mouse Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best mouse jokes, mouse puns and mouse dad jokes to make you laugh.

Cheesy Jokes: The Top Mouse Jokes That Will Make You Squeak with Laughter

1. Why did the mouse bring a tiny piece of cheese to the party? He wanted to have a little something to nibble on!
2. What did the mouse say when his friend asked him to borrow some cheddar? “I’m gouda be kidding me!”
3. How does a mouse feel after a long day at work? Totally drained!
4. Why was the mouse afraid of heights? He was scared he would get a mouse-tache if he fell!
5. What do you get when you cross a mouse with a bicycle? Mice-icling!
6. Why do mice never get lost? Because they always know where the cheese is!
7. What do you call a mouse that can pick locks? A squeak-thief!
8. How do you save a drowning mouse? With mouse-to-mouse resuscitation!
9. Why did the mouse feel like a superstar? Because he was a squeak-quel!
10. What’s a mouse’s favorite game? Hide and squeak!

Rodent-ly Funny: Hilarious Mouse Jokes That Will Have You Chuckling

1. What did the mouse say to the chef who caught him stealing cheese? “You’re grater than me!”
2. Why was the mouse invited to the party? Because he was a real squeak-heart!
3. What do you call a mouse that wears a cape? A superhero-gry!
4. How does a mouse keep his house clean? With squeaky clean-er!
5. Why did the mouse start a band? He wanted to play the squeak guitar!
6. What do you call a mouse that can dance? A click dancer!
7. How did the mouse feel after he found out he had been duped? Mousetaken!
8. Why did the mouse buy a smartphone? He heard it was the latest squeak!
9. What did the mouse say to the cat when they bumped into each other? “Looking sharp, kitty!”
10. How do mice like to travel? By squeak-er bullet train!

Mice to Meet You: Side-Splitting Jokes About Everyone’s Favorite Pest

1. What’s a mouse’s favorite type of music? Cheesy listening!
2. Why did the mouse join the circus? He heard they had a mouse-troupe!
3. How do mice stay in shape? They do lots of mouse-rubics!
4. What did the mouse say when he got a new job? “I’m feeling pretty gouda about this!”
5. Why did the mouse go to school? To learn how to squeak properly!
6. What’s a mouse’s favorite mode of transportation? A squeak-cycle!
7. Why was the mouse such a good actor? He could really ham it up!
8. How do you know if a mouse is telling you a joke? He’ll use cheesy punchlines!
9. Why did the mouse take up yoga? He wanted to master the mouse-asana!
10. How do mice celebrate the New Year? With a squeak peek party!

Get Your Paws on These Jokes: The Best Mouse Humor That Will Have You Cracking Up

1. Why was the mouse such a great chef? Because he knew how to grate cheese like a pro!
2. How do you make a mouse smile? Tell him a cheesy joke!
3. What do you call a mouse who loves to play hide and seek? A squeak-peek specialist!
4. Why don’t mice like to play hide and seek with cats? Because they’re always the first ones found!
5. What’s a mouse’s favorite fairytale? Cinderella, because it’s all about the cheese!
6. How does a mouse get to work? By mouse-and-cart!
7. Why did the mouse break up with his girlfriend? She was always trying to micromanage him!
8. What did the mouse say to the cheese that had been left out too long? “You’re looking a bit blue!”
9. Why was the mouse such a good detective? He always knew how to sniff out a good lead!
10. How do mice keep in touch with each other? Through squeakr messaging!

Squeak-tacular Laughs: The Ultimate Collection of Mouse Jokes That Will Leave You in Stitches

1. Why was the mouse’s new girlfriend so popular? She was a real squeak-heart!
2. What did the mouse say when he found out he was going bald? “I’m follically challenged!”
3. How do mice stay cool in the summer? They use squeak-vests!
4. Why did the mouse go to school early? To get a good squeak!
5. What do you call a mouse at the beach? A squeak-peeker!
6. How do mice communicate from a distance? Through the mouse-al telegraph!
7. Why did the mouse become an artist? He wanted to draw a squeak-quel!
8. What did the mouse say when he saw a cat give birth? “Looks like it’s a kittycat!”
9. Why was the mouse such a bad comedian? He always had a squeaky delivery!
10. How do you throw a surprise party for a mouse? You shout “Cheese!” and watch them scurry in!