Top Mechanic Jokes, Mechanic Puns, Mechanic Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best mechanic jokes, mechanic puns and mechanic dad jokes to make you laugh.

Top 10 Hilarious Mechanic Jokes That Will Have You Rolling

1. Why did the mechanic sleep under the car?
Because he wanted to get up oily in the morning!

2. How many mechanics does it take to change a light bulb?
Five – one to do the job and four to stand around saying, “I could’ve done that!”

3. Why did the mechanic go to therapy?
He had unresolved issues with his nuts and bolts.

4. What did the mechanic say to the car that wouldn’t start?
“You’ve got a lot of issues, but I can handle them.”

5. Why did the mechanic break up with his girlfriend?
She kicked him to the curb.

6. What’s a mechanic’s favorite kind of music?
Heavy metal!

7. Why did the mechanic carry a ladder to work?
To reach the high beams.

8. How does a mechanic settle an argument?
With a wrench!

9. Why are car mechanics great at soccer?
They know how to kick a ball!

10. Why do mechanics make bad comedians?
Because they always torque their jokes!

Laugh Out Loud with These Side-Splitting Mechanic Jokes

1. How do you make a car sound louder?
Remove the muffler!

2. What do you call a fake noodle?
An impasta – just like a fake mechanic!

3. What did the engine say to the mechanic?
“I’m feeling exhausted!”

4. Why did the mechanic become an artist?
Because he heard you needed brush up on your cars!

5. What’s a mechanic’s favorite TV show?
Brake-ing Bad!

6. Why was the mechanic always calm and collected?
He knew how to handle any situation with precision!

7. How do mechanics warm up their coffee?
They use a lug nut.

8. Why was the mechanic always so talkative?
He just loved to grease the wheels!

9. How do you make a mechanic happy?
Give him a socket wrench and leave him be!

10. Why did the mechanic refuse to work on the clown car?
He was afraid he’d get honked at!

The Funniest Jokes Only Car Enthusiasts Will Understand

1. Why did the car break up with the mechanic?
It couldn’t handle the transmission anymore!

2. Why do car enthusiasts make bad chefs?
They can never control their tempers!

3. How do cars stay in touch with their mechanics?
They have a cellular repair plan!

4. Why did the car feel embarrassed at the mechanic?
It had a crushed self-steam.

5. Why was the car always late to the mechanic?
It had a big problem staring it in the headlights!

6. What did the car say to the mechanic during the oil change?
“This is just a lube operation!”

7. What do you call a car that’s not telling the truth?
A fib-erglass!

8. How do you get a mechanic to work faster?
Roll a jack under the car!

9. Why was the car excited to go to the mechanic?
It heard the service was wheely good!

10. What do car enthusiasts call a dentist?
A drill sergeant!

Get Your Daily Dose of Humor with These Mechanic Jokes

1. Why did the mechanic bring a pencil to work?
In case he made a car-toon!

2. How do you tell a mechanic’s fortune?
You give him a crankshaft!

3. Why did the car mechanic start a vegetable garden?
He heard it was a great way to get to the root of problems!

4. What do you get when you combine a mechanic and a baker?
A carburetor!

5. Why did the car mechanic get fired?
He couldn’t navigate his way around the shop!

6. How do you fix a broken Jack-in-the-box?
Call a mechanic to give it a jump start!

7. Why did the mechanic bring a hammer to work?
To nail down any issues!

8. How do you get a mechanic’s attention?
Start your sentence with, “I tried to fix it myself…”

9. Why did the car mechanic become a comedian?
He loved to spark plugs of laughter!

10. What did the car mechanic say when he retired?
“I’ve been revving up for this moment my whole life!”

Unleash Your Inner Gearhead with These Gut-Busting Mechanic Jokes

1. Why do motorcycles break down?
Because they’re two-tired!

2. How does a mechanic greet their friends?
“Wrench-ed to meet you!”

3. What did the mechanic say to the car that wouldn’t start in the middle of the desert?
“Looks like we’ve hit a hot rod block!”

4. Why did the mechanic get in trouble at work?
He couldn’t handle the pressure!

5. How do you fix a flat tire?
You put a spare on a diet!

6. What do you call a mechanic who steals tools?
A wrench!

7. Why did the car mechanic always carry a map?
To find his way back to the main street!

8. How did the mechanic get to work when his car broke down?
He rode a lug-gage cart!

9. What’s a mechanic’s favorite type of math?
Geometry – he loves working with angles!

10. Why do car enthusiasts love puns?
Because they like to steer the conversation in a different direction!