Top Mario Jokes, Mario Puns, Mario Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best mario jokes, mario puns and mario dad jokes to make you laugh.

The Ultimate Top 10 Mario Jokes That Will Have You Laughing All Day

1. Why did Princess Peach break up with Mario? Because he was always jumping to conclusions!
2. What did Mario use to talk to the dead? A Luigi Board!
3. How does Mario communicate with fish? He drops them a line!
4. What did Bowser say when he kidnapped Princess Peach? It’s-a me, kidnapper!
5. Why did Mario go to therapy? He had too many Koopa Troopas.
6. How does Mario like his pasta? In the shape of a power-up mushroom!
7. What does Mario use to keep his garden healthy? Yoshi fertilizer!
8. Why did Toad go to the doctor? He had a mushroom growing out of his head!
9. What does Mario use to keep his plumbing business afloat? Pipe dreams!
10. What do you call a group of Koopa Troopas playing music? A shell ensemble!

Hilarious Mario Jokes That Will Make You Want to Play Video Games

1. Why did the Goomba go to the therapist? He had too many levels to get through!
2. Why did Mario bring a mushroom to the party? To be a fungi!
3. How does Mario know if he has bad breath? He uses a Luigi-tester!
4. What do you call a Koopa Troopa with wings? A Flapper Troopa!
5. Why did Luigi get lost in the Haunted Mansion? He couldn’t find his boo-thang!
6. Why did Mario cross the road? To rescue Princess Peach on the other side!
7. What’s Mario’s favorite type of music? Hip-hop, because he loves to jump!
8. Why did Toad cancel his credit card? He heard someone was buying a lot of extra lives on it!
9. What’s Mario’s favorite type of pet? A Koopa-puffler!
10. Why did Bowser go to the doctor? He had a bad case of Bowseritis!

Laugh Out Loud with These Side-Splitting Mario Jokes

1. Why did Mario buy an extra pair of gloves? In case he got a Bowser hand.
2. What did Mario say to his therapist? It’s-a me, depressio!
3. Why did Yoshi spit out the key to the castle? It tasted a little funny!
4. How does Mario stay in shape? He does his daily Bowser-cises!
5. What did the Goomba say to his friend? I’m a fungi, but you’re shell-arious!
6. When does Mario eat ice cream? When it’s Bowsering hot outside!
7. Why did Princess Peach become a chef? She wanted to make Bowser beautiful!
8. Why did Bowser take up ballet? To improve his Koopa-nation!
9. What does Mario use to fix his pipes? A Mario wrench!
10. Why did Wario go to the gym? He wanted to be a little less Waa-vey!

The Funniest Mario Jokes That Will Have You Saying “It’s-a Me, Mario!”

1. Why did Mario and Luigi become plumbers? They heard there were a lot of pipes in the Mushroom Kingdom!
2. What did Mario say to Luigi when he was feeling down? Don’t worry, bro, we’ll jump over this obstacle together!
3. Why did Bowser always lose to Mario? Because he couldn’t handle the heat of defeat!
4. How does Mario stay positive during tough times? He remembers there’s always another castle to conquer!
5. What did Princess Peach say when she was tired of waiting for Mario? I’m-a-tient!
6. Why did Toad always carry an umbrella? In case it rained Bob-ombs!
7. How does Mario throw a party? With plenty of 1-Up mushrooms to go around!
8. Why did Luigi get a job at the haunted mansion? Because he heard the boo-benefits were great!
9. What did Bowser say when Mario defeated him again? “You’ve won this round, but I’ll be back with a vengeance!”
10. Why did Yoshi refuse to eat the mushroom? He was trying to watch his weight!

Get Your Funny Bone Tickled with These Mario Jokes That Are Guaranteed to Make You Smile

1. Why did Mario go to the therapist? He heard it was a good place to talk about his Mario-nxiety!
2. What did Mario say to Princess Peach when she wanted to break up? Let’s-a try and work things out!
3. Why did Toad invite all the Goombas to his party? He wanted to squash their beef!
4. How does Bowser like his coffee? With a Koopa-cola twist!
5. What did Luigi say to his pet Boo? Don’t be scared, I’m your new boo-dy!
6. Why did Mario always wear a red hat? To match his fiery personality!
7. How does Princess Peach stay calm under pressure? She practices her royal Toadstool breathing!
8. Why did Yoshi refuse to join Mario’s band? Because he didn’t want to be a one-hit wonder!
9. What does Bowser do on his day off? He enjoys a nice relaxing lava bath!
10. Why did the Piranha Plant go to therapy? It had some deep-rooted issues!