Top Laundry Jokes, Laundry Puns, Laundry Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best laundry jokes, laundry puns and laundry dad jokes to make you laugh.

Spin Cycle Laughs: The Funniest Laundry Jokes to Brighten Your Day

1. Why did the sock go to therapy? Because it had too many holes to fill.
2. How does a washer greet its user? “Load me up, I’m all washed out.”
3. What did one shirt say to the other in the dryer? “I’ll see you on the flip side.”
4. Why did the shirt go to the dry cleaner? It was feeling a little pressed.
5. What’s a dryer’s favorite dance move? The tumble spin.
6. Why did the laundry basket break up with the washing machine? It couldn’t handle the spin cycle drama.
7. What do you call a pile of dirty laundry at a comedy show? A hamper of laughs.
8. Why did the washing machine refuse to go on a date? It was tired of getting stood up.
9. How do you know when a dryer is lying? It starts venting hot air.
10. What do you call a sock that’s always getting lost in the dryer? A wanderer sole.

Suds and Chuckles: Hilarious Jokes About Laundry Mishaps

1. Why did the pair of jeans break up with the sock? It couldn’t handle the dirty laundry.
2. How do you make a shirt stop shrinking in the dryer? Give it some more room to air out.
3. Why did the towel refuse to go into the washer? It didn’t want to be hung out to dry.
4. What’s the best way to fold a fitted sheet? Just roll it into a ball and hope for the best.
5. Why did the sock refuse to get washed? It was tied up in knots.
6. What do you call a stain that won’t come out in the wash? A permanent press.
7. Why did the detergent break up with the fabric softener? It couldn’t handle the clingy relationship.
8. How does a lint roller feel about its job? It’s just sticking with it.
9. What’s a shirt’s favorite song to listen to while being washed? “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.
10. Why was the dryer always in a bad mood? It couldn’t handle the heat.

Stain-tastic Humor: Laugh Out Loud with These Laundry Jokes

1. What do you call a dirty shirt at a party? The stain of the show.
2. Why did the washing machine join a band? It wanted to make some clean beats.
3. What’s a dryer’s favorite movie genre? Air-Dry-naline Rush.
4. Why did the sock go to therapy? It had some emotional baggage to unpack.
5. How do you know if your laundry is haunted? The sheets are always ghostly white.
6. Why did the shirt refuse to come out of the closet? It needed time to iron out its issues.
7. What’s a washer’s favorite game to play? Spin the bottle.
8. How does a shirt like its coffee? With a little bit of softener.
9. Why did the pants join a support group? They had a lot of wrinkles to work out.
10. What do you call a sock that tells jokes? A pun-dit.

Washing Machine Wonders: The Best Funny Jokes About Laundry

1. Why did the bra refuse to get washed? It didn’t want to lose its support.
2. How does a washing machine keep in touch with its friends? It sends loads of messages.
3. What’s a lint ball’s favorite sport? Dryer hockey.
4. Why did the towel refuse to do laundry? It was feeling a little hung out to dry.
5. What’s a shirt’s favorite thing to do on a sunny day? Line dry and soak up the rays.
6. Why did the sock feel left out of the wash? It was feeling a little lost in the mix.
7. What do you call a stain that’s hard to get rid of? The dirty laundry.
8. Why did the shirt fall off the hanger? It couldn’t handle the pressure.
9. How does a trousers like their steak cooked? Medium rare-ly wrinkled.
10. What do you call a pair of undies that tell jokes? A pant-sy.

Folded Over with Laughter: Side-Splitting Jokes Every Laundry Lover Will Enjoy

1. Why did the laundry detergent get voted most popular? It was the best at breaking up stains.
2. What’s a socks’ favorite sport? Dryer-ling.
3. Why did the clothespin blush? It saw the sock’s clean streak.
4. What do you call a shirt that tells jokes? A comi-tee.
5. How does a shirt like to relax after a long day? With a nice soak in the fabric softener.
6. Why was the washing machine always at the therapist’s office? It had trouble letting things go.
7. What’s a lint’s favorite dance move? The static cling tango.
8. Why did the jeans refuse to do laundry? They were feeling washed up.
9. How does a hoodie feel about the wash? It’s all folded up inside.
10. What’s a towel’s favorite flower? A dryer-ange blossom.