Top Kiss Jokes, Kiss Puns, Kiss Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best kiss jokes, kiss puns and kiss dad jokes to make you laugh.

Pucker Up: The Funniest Kiss Jokes That Will Make You Giggle

1. Why did the kiss go to school? To get some lip-education!
2. What did the psychiatrist say to the couple who wouldn’t stop kissing? “I can see you both have entangled issues.”
3. Why do seagulls always kiss at the beach? Because they have all the waves!
4. What did one kiss say to the other? “I’m head over heels for you!”
5. How come the candle’s kiss was so short? It just couldn’t keep a flame going!
6. Why don’t we ever hear a kiss tell a good joke? Because they always deliver bad punchlines!
7. Why did the refrigerator kiss the oven? Because it found its heating element!
8. What did one lipstick say to the other lipstick? “We should stick together, no matter what!”
9. Why did the car’s hood kiss the roof? Because it was tired of being lifted up!
10. Why did the ghost kiss the air? It heard it was supposed to “spread the boo love!”

Smooch Silliness: Hilarious Kiss Jokes That Will Leave You in Stitches

1. Why did the hotdog refuse to kiss the bun? It was happy being single and couldn’t mustard the strength for a relationship!
2. Why did the raisin refuse to kiss the prune? It didn’t want to get too wrinkled up!
3. Why did the football refuse to kiss the soccer ball? It was afraid of getting too attached!
4. What did the pencil say to the paper after they kissed? “Let’s draw this moment out a little longer!”
5. Why did the light bulb and socket break up after kissing? They just couldn’t find a spark anymore!
6. Why did the basketball refuse to kiss the net? It didn’t want to get caught up in a relationship!
7. Why did the cat refuse to kiss the dog? It was afraid of losing its purr-sonal space!
8. What did the waterfall say to the lake after they kissed? “Let’s make a splash together!”
9. Why did the toothbrush refuse to kiss the toothpaste? It didn’t want to get too foamy!
10. Why did the donut refuse to kiss the jelly? It was worried about getting too sticky!

Lip-Locking Laughs: The Best Kiss Jokes to Share with Your Sweetheart

1. Why did the pencil kiss the eraser? It wanted to make up for its mistakes!
2. What did the freeway say to the traffic light after they kissed? “This is a green signal for us to keep going!”
3. Why did the banana refuse to kiss the apple? It didn’t want to start a fruit punch!
4. What did the clock say to the calendar after they kissed? “We’re just a couple minutes away from a perfect date!”
5. Why did the mirror refuse to kiss the reflection? It didn’t want to shatter its image!
6. Why did the smartphone refuse to kiss the charger? It didn’t want to be tied down!
7. What did the doorknob say to the door after they kissed? “I’ll always be there to turn things around for you!”
8. Why did the ocean refuse to kiss the shore? It didn’t want to get too tide down!
9. What did the pillow say to the blanket after they kissed? “Let’s cuddle up and have a dreamy time together!”
10. Why did the feather refuse to kiss the pillow? It was afraid of getting too soft hearted!

Kissing Comedy: Side-Splitting Jokes to Lighten the Mood

1. Why did the shoe refuse to kiss the sock? It was worried about getting cold feet!
2. What did the doorknob say to the lock after they kissed? “I’ll always unlock your heart!”
3. Why did the computer screen refuse to kiss the keyboard? It didn’t want to catch any viruses!
4. What did the balloon say to the helium tank after they kissed? “I’m floating on air since the moment we met!”
5. Why did the train refuse to kiss the tracks? It didn’t want to derail the relationship!
6. Why did the cloud refuse to kiss the rainbow? It didn’t want to steal its spotlight!
7. What did the book say to the bookmark after they kissed? “I’ll always keep you close to my heart!”
8. Why did the river refuse to kiss the waterfall? It didn’t want to flow too fast!
9. What did the paintbrush say to the canvas after they kissed? “Let’s create a masterpiece together!”
10. Why did the guitar refuse to kiss the strings? It didn’t want to strum up any tension!

From Pecks to Passion: Funny Jokes About All Things Kisses

1. What did the strawberry say to the chocolate after they kissed? “We make a sweet pair!”
2. Why did the tree refuse to kiss the leaf? It had too many branches to leaf alone!
3. What did the fire pit say to the campfire after they kissed? “Let’s keep the flame burning!”
4. Why did the sun refuse to kiss the moon? It didn’t want to eclipse the relationship!
5. What did the flower say to the bee after they kissed? “You really pollen me off my feet!”
6. Why did the cookie refuse to kiss the milk? It didn’t want to get too dunked!
7. What did the rollercoaster say to the Ferris wheel after they kissed? “We’re on a rollercoaster of love!”
8. Why did the wallet refuse to kiss the money? It didn’t want to be too spend-thrifty!
9. What did the hat say to the scarf after they kissed? “We make a fashion statement together!”
10. Why did the puzzle piece refuse to kiss the box? It didn’t want to fit into a box!