Top Flat Tire Jokes, Flat Tire Puns, Flat Tire Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best flat tire jokes, flat tire puns and flat tire dad jokes to make you laugh.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing: The Top 10 Flat Tire Jokes That Will Leave You in Stitches

1. Why did the bicycle fall over? It was two-tired!
2. What do you call a tire that plays the guitar? A flat note!
3. Did you hear about the flat tire at the dance party? It couldn’t find its groove!
4. Why did the tire go to school? To get a little more air in its head!
5. How does a tire get revenge? It rolls over you!
6. What did the tire say to the car? Stop rotating me around!
7. Why did the tire need a break? It was feeling deflated!
8. What did the tired tire say at the end of a long day? Goodnight, I need to hit the sack!
9. Why was the bicycle embarrassed? It couldn’t handle the pressure!
10. What did the flat tire say to the mechanic? I’m feeling a little deflated, can you pump me up?

Don’t Get Deflated: Hilarious Jokes About Flat Tires to Lighten the Mood

1. What do you call a tire that’s been in an accident? Exhausted!
2. How do tires stay in shape? They wheel-y work out!
3. Why did the tire refuse to speak? It had too much air pressure!
4. What do you call a tire that loves to travel? A globe-trotter!
5. Why did the tire retire from the race? It was tired of spinning in circles!
6. What did the tire say to the road? Are you tired too because you look flat!
7. Why didn’t the tire go to the birthday party? It didn’t want to be a part of the puncture!
8. Why did the tire go to therapy? It had separation anxiety from the road!
9. How do tires stay warm in the winter? They wear chain socks!
10. What’s a tire’s favorite type of music? Rubber soul!

Bursting with Laughter: The Funniest Puns and One-Liners About Flat Tires

1. I used to be a tire, but I got tired of it.
2. I have a great tire joke, but I’ll spare you the details.
3. My tire jokes are all flat, but that’s just how I roll.
4. I got a flat tire on my way to the comedy club. It was a real blowout!
5. My boss told me to tire up some loose ends. So, I deflated his car tires.
6. You know you’ve hit rock bottom when your tire is flat.
7. I couldn’t find my car keys after getting a flat tire. It was a real rubber hunt!
8. I asked my tire for some relationship advice. It said to just let things roll!
9. Did you hear about the tire that went to therapy? It needed to find its inner tube!
10. When the tire shop got robbed, the thieves made a clean getaway on foot!

From Flat to Funny: Comedy Gold with These Flat Tire Jokes

1. What did the tire say to the road? Not tired of you!
2. Why did the flat tire bring a map? It lost its bearings!
3. How does a tire stop a crime? It puts the brakes on it!
4. What did the tire say to the mechanic? Can you give me a break?
5. Why was the tire always out of breath? It kept running out of air!
6. How do tires stay calm in traffic? They take a moment to tread lightly!
7. What happened when the tire got married? It treaded the knot!
8. Why did the tire keep rolling uphill? It had a spare tire in the trunk!
9. What do you call a tire that likes to gossip? A wheel-y big mouth!
10. Why did the tire cross the road? To get to the other sidewall!

Spare Some Laughs: The Best Compilation of Flat Tire Jokes for Your Amusement

1. What’s a tire’s favorite snack? White wall lollipops!
2. Why did the tire go to the dentist? To get a new set of treads!
3. Did you hear about the tire that joined a gym? It wanted to get rid of its spare tire!
4. How do tires stay in touch with each other? They use the wheel of communication!
5. What did the tire say to the riddle? I’m feeling flat-out stumped!
6. Why did the tire bring a pencil to the party? In case it needed to take notes!
7. How do tires stay young? They get retreaded every few years!
8. What’s a tire’s favorite game show? Wheel of Fortune!
9. Why did the tire file a police report? It was tired of getting pumped full of hot air!
10. What did the tire wear to the masquerade ball? A disguise made of tire chains!