Top Egypt Jokes, Egypt Puns, Egypt Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best egypt jokes, egypt puns and egypt dad jokes to make you laugh.

Cleopatra’s Comedy: Top 10 Egyptian Queen Jokes

1. Why did Cleopatra break up with Julius Caesar? Because he always roman-tically ghosted her!
2. How did Cleopatra keep her skin looking so flawless? She always used a Sphinx-turizer!
3. What did Cleopatra say when she ran out of shampoo? “I sphinx I need a hairdresser!”
4. Why did Cleopatra go to the flea market? To flea-p for a new outfit, of course!
5. What did Cleopatra say to her servants when she needed a massage? “I knead you to help me relax!”
6. How did Cleopatra stay in shape? She did pyramid schemes!
7. Why did Cleopatra refuse to play cards with the other queens? She always got a pharaoh hand!
8. What did Cleopatra say when she won a game of chess? “Queen me!”
9. Why was Cleopatra always the life of the party? She had a royal sense of humor!
10. How did Cleopatra like her coffee? With a little sarcophagus!

Pyramid Puns: Hilarious Jokes About Ancient Egypt

1. Why did the Pharaoh go to the dentist? To get his mummy-olar checkup!
2. What is a ghost’s favorite Egyptian deity? The Pharaoh-ost!
3. Why did the Sphinx go to therapy? She had too many issues to un-Riddle!
4. How do Egyptian farmers stay in shape? They Sphinxercise daily!
5. Why don’t mummies take vacations? They’re afraid they’ll relax to death!
6. What did the Egyptian cat say at the party? “Purr-amid me a drink!”
7. Why did the Egyptian pharaoh refuse to eat tacos? He was worried they would cause a mummy-tastrophe!
8. How did the Egyptian tomb robbers make a living? By pyramid schemes!
9. What did the Egyptian pharaoh say to the architect? “I sphinx we need a bigger tomb!”
10. Why do Egyptians love their food so spicy? They can’t handle the Nile heat!

Mummy Humor: Laugh-Out-Loud Egyptian Jokes

1. Why did the mummy go to school? To improve his wrapping skills!
2. How did the mummy dance at the party? He did the wrap!
3. Why do mummies make great spies? They always keep things under wraps!
4. What do you call a mummy who wins the lottery? A lucky stiff!
5. How do mummies keep their bandages clean? They use t-pyramid!
6. Why did the mummy stay home from work? He had a coffin cold!
7. What did the mummy say when he couldn’t find his wrapping paper? “I’m all wrapped up in this!”
8. How did the mummy take pictures? With his sarcophagus!
9. Why did the mummy go to the doctor? He was feeling a little tomb-sick!
10. What instrument did the mummy play at the concert? The organ-ic one!

Sarcophagus Silliness: Funny Pharaoh Jokes

1. Why did the Pharaoh go to therapy? He had a pyramid complex!
2. How did the Pharaoh pay his bills? With mummy-money!
3. What do you call a Pharaoh’s favorite type of music? Rap-ture!
4. Why did the Pharaoh refuse to wear sunglasses? He didn’t want to be found in de-nile!
5. What did the Pharaoh say to his camel? “You’re my hump buddy!”
6. How did the Pharaoh communicate with the gods? Through a pyramid phone!
7. Why don’t Pharaohs ever go to jail? They always escape on a sarcophagus!
8. What did the Pharaoh say when he saw his reflection in the Nile? “Is that my sphinx-aw?”
9. How did the Pharaoh always win at hide and seek? He was always king of the pyramid!
10. Why did the Pharaoh bring a math book to the desert? He heard there would be sand-trees!

Nile-arious Laughs: Egyptian Themed Jokes Guaranteed to Make You Smile

1. Why did the crocodile cross the Nile? To get to the other snide!
2. How do Egyptians stay fit? They pyramid their workout routine!
3. Why did the Egyptian doctor become a comedian? He had a great prescription for laughter!
4. What did the Egyptian say when he found a lost camel? “Hump-hey, buddy!”
5. Why don’t Egyptians play hide and seek in the desert? Too many sand-tombs to hide in!
6. How do Egyptians stay cool in the heat? They Sphinx their air conditioning!
7. What did the Egyptian say to his mummy after a bad joke? “I’m sorry, that was so Pyra-lame!”
8. Why do Egyptian pharaohs make terrible magicians? They always bring the wrong sarcophagus out of the hat!
9. What did the Egyptian cat say to the Sphinx? “Nice stone face!”
10. Why did the Egyptian refuse to eat cake? He was worried he would end up pharaoh-verweight!