Top Ear Jokes, Ear Puns, Ear Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best ear jokes, ear puns and ear dad jokes to make you laugh.

“Ear-resistible Laughs: The Top 10 Ear Jokes That Will Have You in Stitches”

1. Why did the ear go to school? To get a little more “lobe-cation”!
2. How do you keep your ears from being cold? Don’t stand near the corner, it’s always 90 degrees!
3. Why did the ear not want to fight? It didn’t want to get “earitated”!
4. What did one ear say to the other ear? “We met before, you just don’t seem to ‘ear’ me!”
5. Why do elephants have such big ears? Because Noddy wouldn’t pay the ransom!
6. What kind of car does an ear drive? A “Fjord”!
7. Why did the pencil go to the ear doctor? Because it had a bad case of “lead” poisoning!
8. How does an ear listen to music? With the volume turned all the way “inner”!
9. Why do we have two ears? So we can “hear” what people are saying about us from both sides!
10. What do you call a group of musical ears? An “aural” ensemble!

“Funny Ears, Funny Jokes: Hilarious Puns and One-Liners about Ears”

1. What did the ocean say to the ear? Nothing, it just “waved”!
2. How do you catch a squirrel? Climb a tree and act like a nut near the ear!
3. Why did the ear go to the barber? It needed a “trim-ming”!
4. What’s an ear’s favorite ice cream flavor? “Ear-resistible”!
5. How are ears and school alike? They’re both for listening!
6. Why do basketball players love ears? They always come through in the “clutch”!
7. What do you get when you cross an ear with a snowman? Frostbite!
8. What do you call a rabbit with hearing problems? Anything you want, it can’t hear you!
9. Why did the ear go on a diet? It wanted to keep a “good lobe” on its health!
10. How do you make an ear soup? Put it in a “bowl” and let it “stew”!

“Laugh Out Loud with These Ear-reproachable Jokes: Silly and Witty Humor for Ear Lovers”

1. Why did the ear join the circus? It wanted to get a “good earing”!
2. What did one ear say to the other ear at the party? “Let’s split, this place is too loud!”
3. How do you know if an ear is lying? You can see right through it!
4. What did the doctor say to the man with cotton in his ears? “I bet you didn’t even ‘ear’ me coming!”
5. Why do ears make bad detectives? They’re always “overheard”!
6. Why did the ear get married? It found its perfect “match”!
7. What did the left ear say to the right ear? “Between you and me, something smells ‘funky’!”
8. How do you know if an ear is a musician? It’s always “tuning” in!
9. Why was the ear unimpressed with the party? It found the conversation “earitating”!
10. Why was the ear running late? It couldn’t find a good “ear”port for all the noise outside!

“Ear Today, Laugh Tomorrow: The Best Ear Jokes to Brighten Your Day”

1. How do you keep your ears warm in the winter? Wear your “ear-muffs”!
2. Why did the ear stay indoors all day? It was afraid of catching the “sound waves”!
3. What did the vampire say to the ear? “You’re driving me ‘batty’!”
4. Why did the ear get in trouble at school? It couldn’t follow the “ear”-ithmetic lessons!
5. How does an ear confirm appointments? It “hears” them on the calendar!
6. Why was the ear always the life of the party? Because it was a great “listener”!
7. What did the parent ear say to the child ear? “You’re not listening, you need to ‘tune’ in to what I’m saying!”
8. How do you make an ear laugh? Tickle its “ear-resistible” sense of humor!
9. Why do ears hate Mondays? Because they can’t stop hearing the “week-ear” blues!
10. How do you compliment an ear? Tell it it’s all about the “aural” pleasure!

“Hear Ye, Hear Ye: The Ultimate Collection of Ear Jokes for Some Side-Splitting Fun”

1. Why did the ear go to the party? It heard it was going to be a “blast”!
2. What did the judge say to the ear? “Order in the court, or you’ll get the ‘lobes’!”
3. How do you address a group of ears? You “sound” the alarm!
4. Why did the ear have a hard time making friends? It couldn’t find anyone who wanted to “ear” its side of the story!
5. Why did the ear become a chef? It loved to “hear” the sizzle of the stove!
6. How does an ear answer the phone? With a “hear-hear”!
7. What do you get when you cross an ear with a snake? A “hearing” aid!
8. How do ears stay focused? By “listening” carefully to the task at hand!
9. Why was the ear so happy? It finally got to attend the “hear-ing”!
10. Why did the ear fail its driving test? It couldn’t make a “sharp” turn!