Top Dnd Jokes, Dnd Puns, Dnd Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best dnd jokes, dnd puns and dnd dad jokes to make you laugh.

Roll for Laughs: The Top DnD Jokes to Keep You Entertained

1. Why did the rogue bring a ladder to the dungeon? Because he wanted to raise the roof!
2. How does a wizard pay for things? With spell check!
3. What’s a bard’s favorite type of music? AC/DC—Arcane and Charm!
4. Why was the paladin always invited to parties? Because he was a smite hit!
5. Why did the DM go to therapy? To work on his multi-personality disorder!
6. What do you call a group of bards in a tavern? The Chaotic Karaoke Crew!
7. Why did the barbarian bring a pencil to the session? To draw his weapons!
8. How do you fix a broken dungeon? With a dungeon master key!
9. Why was the cleric a terrible stand-up comedian? His jokes were a real turn undead!
10. What do you call a necromancer who loves puns? A cryptic comedian!

Dungeon of Laughs: Hilarious DnD Jokes for Players and DMs

1. Why did the ranger bring a map to the boss fight? In case he got lost in the boss’s health bar!
2. What do you call a wizard who’s always late to the session? Delayed spell-casting!
3. Why did the druid start a band? He wanted to rock out with his bark out!
4. How do you catch a gelatinous cube? With a cube-stick trap!
5. What did the bard say to the mimic? “You’re imitating my favorite chair—can I take a sit-com?”
6. Why did the warlock break up with his girlfriend? She was too hexy for him!
7. What’s a sorcerer’s favorite board game? Spell-opoly!
8. Why was the fighter bad at baking? He couldn’t handle the heat in the kitchen!
9. What do you call a rogue with a gambling problem? A bet-you-like cutpurse!
10. Why did the cleric open a bakery? He wanted to raise some dough—literally!

Critical Hilarity: Funny DnD Jokes to Lighten the Mood at Your Table

1. Why did the goblin join the circus? He heard they had good acro-bats!
2. What’s a wizard’s favorite ice cream flavor? Abra-cadabra-swirl!
3. Why did the paladin fail her performance check? She forgot the sacred chant and started singing “Staying Alive” instead!
4. How did the barbarian become a successful entrepreneur? He started a rage room business!
5. Why did the bard get kicked out of the tavern? He was playing drums on the barmaid’s head!
6. What do you call a mimic with a crush on a player? A chest admirer!
7. Why did the warlock put on sunscreen before the battle? To avoid getting Eldritch burned!
8. How do you summon a demon for a barbecue? With infernal grills!
9. Why was the rogue always the first to die in horror movies? He was too sneaky for his own good!
10. What’s a cleric’s favorite type of gardening? Healing herbs and plants!