Top Cup Jokes, Cup Puns, Cup Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best cup jokes, cup puns and cup dad jokes to make you laugh.

The “Cup Half Full” Jokes: Hilarious Ways to Look at Life

1. I asked the waiter for a cup half full. He said, “We only serve optimistic cups here.”
2. My cup is not half empty or half full, it’s just twice the size it needs to be.
3. Why did the coffee file a police report? It got mugged.
4. I accidentally spilled my coffee this morning. Now it’s a depresso.
5. My doctor told me to cut back on caffeine. Now I’m a half-empty cup walking around.
6. I told my son, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” He replied, “But Dad, it was my coffee!”
7. I like my coffee like I like my attitude: dark and roast-y.
8. Why do cups make terrible comedians? They always break under pressure.
9. I entered a pun contest with my cup joke. I didn’t chai-nge anyone’s mind.
10. My cup is always half full, just like my optimism and my love for coffee.

“Cup of Tea” Jokes: Puns and One-liners to Make You Chuckle

1. Why did the hipster burn his tongue? He drank his tea before it was cool.
2. My friend told me to stop being boring with my tea jokes. I said, “Don’t chai-nge the subject.”
3. Tea is like a hug in a cup, but without all the awkward body contact.
4. What do you call a sad cup of tea? Despresso.
5. My tea always needs a good steeping into the teapot debate.
6. How does a tea bag say hello? It gives a proper-tea wave.
7. I like my tea the way I like my humor: dark and steeped in.
8. I’m a TEA-rrific person because I always bring the cups full of joy.
9. When life gives you lemons, trade them for a cup of tea.
10. I never spill the tea. I just share it with my saucer.

“Spilling the Beans” Jokes: Funny Cup Mishaps and Clumsy Moments

1. I spilled coffee on myself this morning. Now my underwear has a latte stain.
2. Why do clumsy people always make the best baristas? They’re always spilling the beans.
3. My cup of water just committed a crime. It was a cup-spilling accident.
4. The best way to make a cup of tea is to not spill the beans… or the water.
5. I accidentally dropped my cup and it shattered. Guess it was just too much to handle.
6. Why was the cup always nervous around hot liquids? It was afraid of spilling the beans.
7. My friend dropped her cup and the coffee spilled everywhere. It was a brew-tiful disaster.
8. I tried to pour coffee into a cup without spilling. I failed miserably and ended up with a mug shot.
9. I spilled my drink in front of my crush. Talk about a coffee catastrophe.
10. The clumsiest superhero of all time would be Cupman—he’s always spilling the beans.

“Cuppa Joe” Jokes: Coffee Humor to Perk You Up

1. Why did the coffee go to the police? It got mugged.
2. Coffee is the perfect workmate—it keeps me grounded with its grounded beans.
3. I like my coffee like I like my nights: dark and never-ending.
4. What do you call a sad cup of coffee? Despresso.
5. Coffee knows how to wish you a good morning: with a warm cuppa joe.
6. My doctor told me to cut back on coffee. I replied, “Tell that to the coffee beans!”
7. My coffee has a lot in common with my relationships: it’s hot, steamy, and sometimes bitter.
8. Why do cups make terrible secret agents? They can never keep a lid on things.
9. Coffee and sarcasm make the perfect blend for cup jokes.
10. I tried to switch to decaf. It was a latte mistake—one I’ll never make again.

“Cupcake” Jokes: Sweet and Silly Jokes for Dessert Lovers

1. Cupcakes—because muffins are just sad, bald cupcakes.
2. What do you call a cupcake that smells nice? A sweet treat.
3. My love for cupcakes is bottomless, just like the frosting on top.
4. Why did the cupcake go to school? To get a little frosting on its education.
5. I like my cupcakes how I like my jokes: sprinkled with a little sweetness.
6. Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles.
7. If cupcakes could talk, they would always have a sweet comment.
8. My doctor told me to cut back on cupcakes. I told him I can’t—my heart is too full of sweetness.
9. Why did the cupcake tell secrets at the party? Because it couldn’t keep a lid on the frosting.
10. Cupcakes are proof that good things really do come in small, delicious packages.