Top Cleaning Jokes, Cleaning Puns, Cleaning Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best cleaning jokes, cleaning puns and cleaning dad jokes to make you laugh.

1. Top 10 Hilarious Cleaning Jokes that Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

1. Why did the mop go to school?
Because it wanted to be a sweepstakes winner!

2. How does a janitor take a break?
He dusts off his mop!

3. What’s a mop’s favorite type of music?
Swiffer Sweep!

4. Why did the broom get a promotion?
It swept the competition under the rug!

5. Why did the dishcloth blush?
It saw the salad dressing!

6. What do you call a lazy cleaner?
Sponge-bob Square-pants!

7. Why did the vacuum cleaner break up with the broom?
It couldn’t handle the attachment!

8. Did you hear about the gossiping cleaning supplies?
They heard it through the grape-vinegar!

9. Why did the duster start a band?
It had a knack for dusting off the old hits!

10. How do you catch a squirrel?
Climb a tree and act like a nut!

2. Laugh Away the Dust Bunnies with These Funny Cleaning Jokes

1. Why did the dust bunnies form a rock band?
They had a lot of dirty fans!

2. What did the broom say to the dustpan?
“You’re the dust to my pan!”

3. Why do cleaning jokes always sweep the nation?
Because they clean up at comedy clubs!

4. How does a mop introduce itself?
“Nice to sweep you!”

5. Why did the dishwasher break up with the fridge?
It just couldn’t handle the chill!

6. What’s a cleaning product’s favorite ballet move?
The mop jeté!

7. Did you hear about the janitor’s wedding?
It was a clean sweep!

8. What do you get when you mix a broom and a detective?
Sherlock Sweep!

9. Why did the vacuum cleaner get pulled over by the police?
It was sucking up all the dirt on the streets!

10. How many dust bunnies does it take to change a light bulb?
None, they prefer to stay in the dark!

3. Cleaning Humor: A Collection of Side-Splitting Jokes for Tidy People

1. Why was the tidy person always on time?
Because they had a clean schedule!

2. What’s a germ’s favorite dance move?
The bacteria boogie!

3. How does a cleaning supplies party end?
They all mopped the floor with each other!

4. What did the sponge say to the kitchen counter?
“You’re a real wipe-out!”

5. Why did the duster break up with the Steamer?
It needed some space to air out its feelings!

6. How does a vacuum cleaner say goodbye?
“It really sucks to see you go!”

7. What do you call a messy ghost?
A polter-guest!

8. Why did the cleaning supplies go to therapy?
They had a lot of emotional baggage!

9. What do you call a group of neat freaks?
The OCD Squad!

10. How does a dust bunny stay in shape?
It does a lot of sweeping stretches!

4. From Scrubbing Floors to Giggling Funny: The Best Cleaning Jokes Ever

1. Why did the toilet brush refuse to work?
It didn’t want to deal with any crap!

2. How does a sponge drink its coffee?
From a cup that’s spotless!

3. What’s a vacuum cleaner’s favorite plant?
A dustpan-tium!

4. Why did the feather duster join a band?
It had a real flair for the air-guitar!

5. How does a mop get high scores in school?
It always sweeps the competition!

6. Why did the bleach get invited to all the parties?
It had a real bleaching personality!

7. What do you call two cleaning supplies that team up?
A dust duo!

8. Why did the washing machine break up with the dryer?
It just couldn’t handle the heat!

9. How does a washing machine deal with a tough day?
It spins out of control!

10. What’s a mop’s favorite movie genre?
Scream and clean!

5. Keep Your Cleaning Routine Light and Funny with These Clean Jokes

1. Why did the dish soap go to therapy?
It had too many dirty secrets!

2. What do you call a messy chicken?
A fowl fowl!

3. How does a sponge take a vacation?
It soaks up the sun!

4. Why did the cleaning supplies start a band?
They had a real clean sound!

5. What’s a germ’s favorite game?

6. How does a dirty rug greet its guests?
It’s not a pretty party!

7. Why did the dust bunnies throw a party?
They heard it was a real dust-up!

8. What do you call a group of organized cleaning supplies?
A tidy tribe!

9. Why did the vacuum cleaner go on strike?
It just couldn’t handle the pressure!

10. How does a mop listen to music?
It really sweeps to the beat!