Top Boba Jokes, Boba Puns, Boba Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best boba jokes, boba puns and boba dad jokes to make you laugh.

1. Boba-licious Jokes: A Hilarious List of Bubble Tea Jokes That Will Make You Burst with Laughter

1. Why did the boba tea break up with the coffee? It couldn’t handle the daily grind.
2. What do you call a boba tea that’s feeling a little down? Depressed pearl tea.
3. How does boba tea stay in shape? It exercises daily with boba-lates.
4. Why was the boba tea late to the party? It got held up in a tapioca jam.
5. What do you get when you mix boba tea with a pun? A bubbling sense of humor.
6. What did the boba tea say to the straw? Sip happens.
7. Why did the boba tea go to therapy? It had bubble issues.
8. How do boba teas say hello to each other? They pearl around.
9. What’s a boba tea’s favorite type of music? Hip-pop.
10. Why did the boba tea need a lawyer? It got in some tapioca trouble.

2. Bubble Tea Puns That Will Have You Boba-ing Your Head in Amusement

1. I’m so tapioca-ed of the same old jokes, let’s boba-lieve in something new.
2. Bubble tea always gives me a laugh-cha.
3. Boba tea is my cup of pun.
4. Boba is how I roll, in tapioca pearls.
5. You’re the boba to my tea.
6. Don’t worry, boba happy.
7. My favorite tea? Boba, of course – it’s such a pearl.
8. Life is short, drink the boba.
9. Boba is always the answer, no tea bout it.
10. Let’s not spew nonsense, just boba-lieve.

3. Sip, Sip, Hooray: The Funniest Boba Memes to Make Your Tea Time Even Sweeter

1. When you’re having a rough day, just remember: boba fixes everything.
2. Boba tea: the only thing worth breaking a diet for.
3. Sipping boba makes all problems disappear.
4. When life gives you lemons, give them back and ask for boba instead.
5. My blood type? Boba-positive.
6. Friends don’t let friends drink bad boba.
7. Boba tea: proof that happiness can be served in a cup.
8. Boba is like a hug in a cup.
9. Boba: because adulting is hard.
10. Stressed spelled backwards is desserts, so let’s go get some boba.

4. Boba Humor: Jokes and One-Liners Guaranteed to Leave You Teary-Eyed (From Laughing)

1. I have a PhD in boba-logy.
2. What’s a boba’s favorite game? Boba-robics.
3. Forget gold, I’d rather have boba at the end of the rainbow.
4. Boba tea: the perfect marriage of water, sugar, and boba-ngineering.
5. Boba is a hug in a cup, just like how jokes are a pearl of wisdom.
6. My love for boba is a forever-tea.
7. Did you hear about the boba who won the lottery? He became a millionaire-pearl.
8. Boba tea: where every sip counts.
9. My doctor told me to get more boba in my diet – he said it’s good for my tapioca health.
10. Boba tea should be recommended by every therapist – it’s a soothing drink with a side of laughter.

5. Laugh Out Loud with These Boba Jokes That Are Brewing with Laughter

1. What’s a boba’s favorite TV show? Boba the Builder.
2. How do boba teas communicate underwater? They send bubble texts.
3. I asked my boba tea for a joke, but it said it was tapioca-ted with jokes.
4. Why did the boba tea bring a ladder to the party? It wanted to reach new heights.
5. Boba tea and I have a special bond – we’re like two pearls in a pod.
6. My boba tea asked me to prom – I said yes, it was a real-tea.
7. What do you get when you mix boba tea with a dad joke? A tapioca mock-tail.
8. Boba tea: the only tea that comes with a built-in surprise in every sip.
9. My boba tea knows all my secrets – it’s my cup of trustea.
10. Boba tea is brewed with love and laughter, it’s the ultimate happiness in a cup.