Top Bag Jokes, Bag Puns, Bag Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best bag jokes, bag puns and bag dad jokes to make you laugh.

1. Bag-tastic Humor: The Funniest Bag Jokes to Keep You Laughing

1. Why did the bag go to school? Because it wanted to be a tote-sophisticated bag!
2. What do you call a bag that’s always cold? A shiver-me-timbers bag!
3. Why did the bag break up with the backpack? It wanted a more hands-on relationship!
4. What did the plastic bag say to the grocery store? “Can I check out?”
5. How does a paper bag stay cool in the summer? It uses its lunch bag!
6. Why do bags make terrible comedians? They always keep people hanging!
7. What do you call a bag that’s good at math? A bag-calculator!
8. Why was the purse always tired? It was carrying too much baggage!
9. How does a bag say goodbye? It waves-tote-ally!
10. What did the tote bag say to its owner? “You’ve got tote-ally good taste!”

2. Laughing Until You’re Bag-sore: Hilarious Jokes About Bags

1. What did the bag say to the hat? “You’re always on top of things!”
2. Why couldn’t the backpack find its zipper? It was feeling a little unzipped!
3. How does a bag communicate with other bags? Through a twist-tied network!
4. What do you call a bag that won’t stop talking? A chatty bag!
5. Why did the plastic bag go to therapy? It had too many “baggage” issues!
6. What’s a bag’s favorite type of music? Heavy bag metal!
7. Why did the handbag break up with the clutch? It felt too confined!
8. How do bags stay organized? They always have their affairs in order!
9. Why did the messenger bag refuse to deliver the message? It didn’t want to be the messenger of doom!
10. What did the backpack say to the suitcase? “I’ve got your back!”

3. Bag of Laughs: Top Jokes About Bags That Will Leave You in Stitches

1. Why did the bag pack its bags and leave? It couldn’t handle the weight anymore!
2. What did the grocery bag say to the plastic bag? “You’re too clingy!”
3. Why did the duffel bag get in trouble? It was caught holding too much baggage!
4. What did the sleeping bag say in the morning? “I’m all zipped up!”
5. How do bags network at a party? They connect through LinkedIn!
6. Why did the purse go to the library? It wanted to check out some new books!
7. What do you call a bag that’s hard to understand? A purse-plexe!
8. Why did the gym bag break up with the water bottle? It wasn’t feeling the right hydration!
9. How does a bag keep its cool in a stressful situation? It stays clutch!
10. What did the briefcase say to the backpack? “We make quite the case together!”

4. Pack Your Bags…Full of Jokes! The Best Bag Jokes Guaranteed to Make You Chuckle

1. Why did the briefcase join a band? It had a lot of “case” for music!
2. What did the bag say to the hat? “You’re a top-notch accessory!”
3. Why did the shopping bag go to therapy? It had a “baggage” problem!
4. How does a bag become a fashion icon? It carries itself with style!
5. Why did the purse break up with the wallet? It was tired of being the bag guy!
6. What did the luggage say to the suitcase? “Let’s go on a trip together!”
7. Why did the backpack get lost in the forest? It couldn’t find its way back-pack!
8. How does a bag keep its secrets safe? It locks them away in its zipper!
9. Why did the handbag start singing? It had a real purse-ona for music!
10. What did the gym bag say to the protein shake? “You whey me down!”

5. From Clutches to Totes: A Comedic Collection of Bag Jokes to Brighten Your Day

1. Why did the clutch want to be a comedian? It had a great sense of purse-onality!
2. What did the messenger bag say to the backpack? “You carry a lot of weight on your shoulders!”
3. Why did the grocery bag break up with the green tote? It was tired of the eco-friendly competition!
4. How does a bag make a fashion statement? It knows how to handle itself!
5. Why did the briefcase go to the party? It wanted to make a “case” for itself!
6. What’s a bag’s favorite dance move? The clutch and dip!
7. Why did the backpack join a book club? It wanted a new chapter in its life!
8. How does a bag keep relationships strong? It always carries its weight in the friendship!
9. Why did the beach bag go to the beach party? It wanted to make a splash!
10. What did the laptop bag say to the tablet? “Let’s connect on a higher level!”