Top Asian Food Jokes, Asian Food Puns, Asian Food Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best asian food jokes, asian food puns and asian food dad jokes to make you laugh.

1. Chow Down on These Hilarious Asian Food Jokes

1. Why did the sushi blush? Because it saw the soy sauce.
2. What did the sushi say to the bee? Wasabi!
3. How do you organize a space party with Asian dishes? You planet.
4. Why was the noodle sad? It was feeling pho-llo.
5. Why did the wonton go to the doctor? It had dim sum poisoning.
6. What do you call an Asian vegetable that always looks surprised? Bok choy.
7. Why did the tofu go to the party alone? It couldn’t find a soy mate.
8. What did the sushi say to the avocado? You complete me.
9. Why did the dumpling sit in the corner? It was a little steamed.
10. How do you know if a sushi chef is cool? They have a great zest for life.

2. Stirring Up Laughs: Funny Pho Jokes That Will Have You Slurping

1. Why did the pho refuse to fight? It was a pacifist noodle.
2. How does pho like to relax after a long day? In a hot tub.
3. What did the pho say to the grain of rice? You complete me.
4. Why did the pho go to the dance party? It wanted to dance in broth.
5. How does pho end a letter? With noodle love and warmth.
6. What do you call a fake pho? An im-pasta.
7. Why do pho lovers make good detectives? They always follow the broth.
8. What did the pho say when it got cold? I need something to warm me up.
9. Why did the pho go to therapy? It had broth-blems.
10. How does pho like to travel? By soup-er sonic speed.

3. Sushi-licious Humor: The Best Asian Food Puns to Roll With

1. What did the sushi say to the bee? Wasabi!
2. Why did the sushi go to the party alone? It had no soy mate.
3. What do you call a Japanese high five? A sushi slap!
4. Why did the sushi break up with the rice? It felt boxed in.
5. How does sushi relax? It takes a roll in the seaweed.
6. What did the seaweed say to the rice? Don’t kelp yourself to all the soy sauce.
7. Why did the sushi chef get arrested? For rice-ping off customers.
8. What do you call a sushi chef with a cold? A sushi sniffler.
9. Why did the sushi smile in the mirror? It was on a roll.
10. How does sushi greet its friends? With a seaweed hug.

4. Wok and Roll: Side-Splitting Jokes About Chinese Takeout

1. Why did the Chinese takeout break up with the pizza? It found a new wonton.
2. How does Chinese takeout listen to music? It wok and rolls.
3. What did the fortune cookie say to the chopsticks? Open sesame.
4. Why did the dumpling go to the gym? To get steamed.
5. How does Chinese takeout express love? With a sweet and sour heart.
6. What did the egg roll say to the fryer? You make me sizzle.
7. Why did the wonton cross the road? To get to the dumpling on the other side.
8. How does Chinese takeout stay in shape? It walks the stir-fry.
9. What do you call Chinese takeout that’s not spicy? Mild-mannered.
10. Why did the chow mein break up with the lo mein? It needed some space to noodle things out.

5. Let’s Get Dim Sum Laughter: Steaming Hot Jokes About Asian Cuisine

1. What did the dumpling say to the steamer? Are you dim sum-iating heat?
2. How do you know when a soup dumpling is feeling down? It’s a little flat.
3. Why did the bun blush? Because it saw the siu mai.
4. How does a dumpling say goodbye? With a dim sum farewell.
5. What did the soy sauce say to the table? You can count on me.
6. Why did the dim sum go to the gym? To work on its wonton-ness.
7. How does Chinese cuisine solve problems? With some serious wok-ing out.
8. What did the dumpling say to the noodle? Let’s roll together.
9. Why did the wonton go to school? To get some soup-er education.
10. How does dim sum show appreciation? With dough regards.