Top Alpaca Jokes, Alpaca Puns, Alpaca Dad Jokes & More

In this very funny joke compilation, we have come up with the best alpaca jokes, alpaca puns and alpaca dad jokes to make you laugh.

1. Why Alpacas Make the Best Jokes: A Hilarious Introduction

1. Why did the alpaca go to the comedy club? To see if he could get a “llamaughs.”
2. What do you call a funny alpaca? A “llama-cian.”
3. How does an alpaca tell a joke? With lots of al-puns.
4. Why are alpacas great comedians? Because they have great “llama-nnerisms.”
5. What did the alpaca say to the comedian? “You’re just trying to steal my ‘llama-light.'”
6. Why are alpacas natural jokesters? Because they love to “llama-ent.”
7. What do you get when you cross a joke with an alpaca? Laugh-ter.
8. How does an alpaca make you laugh? With its “llama-larious” antics.
9. Why are alpacas the life of the party? Because they know how to “llama-rize” a crowd.
10. What’s an alpaca’s favorite punchline? “Al-paca my bags, I’m going on a ‘llama’cation.”

2. Alpaca Joke #1: The Classic Alpaca Knock-Knock Joke

1. Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Alpaca who?
Alpaca the snacks for the road trip!
2. Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Alpaca who?
Alpaca the suitcase, we’re going on vacation!
3. Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Alpaca who?
Alpaca the sunscreen, it’s a sunny day!
4. Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Alpaca who?
Alpaca the jokes, you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing!
5. Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Alpaca who?
Alpaca the party, let’s have a great time!

3. Alpaca Joke #2: Laugh Out Loud with This Alpaca Puns

1. I’m not sure if I can take your alpaca jokes seriously… they’re just so “punny.”
2. Why did the alpaca get a job at the airport? He heard they had great “llama-nding” opportunities.
3. What do you call an alpaca in space? An “astro-llama.”
4. These alpaca puns are getting out of hand… or should I say “out of hoof?”
5. How do alpacas stay up to date on current events? They read the “llama” times.
6. Why did the alpaca start a band? He wanted to be a “llama-rockstar.”
7. These alpaca puns are sheer “llama-sy” to me.
8. What do you call an alpaca with a nice view? A “llama with a room.”
9. I asked the alpaca if he wanted to hear a joke, but he just gave me a blank “llama” stare.
10. What do you get when you cross an alpaca with a rose? Llama-lipops!

4. Alpaca Joke #3: The Funniest Alpaca Pick-Up Line You’ll Ever Hear

1. Are you an alpaca farmer? Because you’ve “llama-de” my day.
2. Is your name Al? Because you are “llamaz-ing.”
3. Are you from Peru? Because I think I’m “llama-love” with you.
4. Are you an alpaca exhibit? Because you’ve al-paca my attention.
5. Can I take you out for dinner? I promise I’ll “llama-ke” it worth your while.
6. Are you an alpaca shearer? Because you just “llama-stripped” me of my words.
7. Are you an alpaca breeder? Because you’ve “llama-grown” on me.
8. Are you an alpaca whisperer? Because you’ve got me all “llama-hushed.”
9. Can I give you a hug? Because you’re “llama-cuddly” and cute.
10. Are you an alpaca fashion designer? Because you’re looking “llama-fabulous.”

5. Alpaca Joke #4: Hilarious Alpaca Memes That Will Make You LOL

1. *Image of an alpaca with sunglasses*
“I llama-ready for the weekend!”
2. *Image of an alpaca smiling*
“When you crack a pun so good, you can’t help but llama-laugh.”
3. *Image of an alpaca in a party hat*
“Alpaca party animal in the house!”
4. *Image of an alpaca holding a microphone*
“Alpaca stand-up comedian in the making.”
5. *Image of an alpaca with a speech bubble saying “Llama tell you a joke…”*
“Get ready for some alpaca humor!”
6. *Image of an alpaca with a bowtie*
“Alpaca formal event attendee.”
7. *Image of an alpaca sitting cross-legged*
“Alpaca zen master practicing inner peace.”
8. *Image of an alpaca with a cup of coffee*
“Alpaca caffeine addict in the morning.”
9. *Image of an alpaca with a top hat*
“Alpaca magician ready to pull some tricks.”
10. *Image of an alpaca in a chef’s hat*
“Alpaca culinary expert cooking up some laughs.”