Tell Us About Your Show

nytheater now is a curated website about indie theater in NYC. Like its predecessor and its companion site Indie Theater Now, it’s a program of The New York Theatre Experience, Inc. Our emphasis is on contemporary drama, especially new American plays. Our goal is to help level the playing field by giving prominence on our site to the work of indie artists, nonprofit companies, new and emerging companies and artists, and those who are otherwise under-represented in mainstream media theater coverage.

If your show is playing in the NYC metro area and is a new American play that should be included on our Upcoming Shows list, please send an email to Martin Denton, founder/editor, at with the following information:

  1. Show title
  2. Venue name and address
  3. Date of your first performance
  4. Date of your last performance. If the run is open-ended, list the latest date for which tickets are currently on sale.
  5. Your show’s website. Ideally this is a dedicated website for your show or company,or it can be the website where people can buy tickets. This should link to a page specifically about your show — you’ll frustrate readers by making them hunt around a website for info about your show. So please use a URL like this: rather than simply

You should also include as much supporting information about your show as you can — a good, interesting description, information about the creative team and cast, and some facts about your company’s mission and history. If you would like to invite someone from nytheater now to attend a performance of your show for a possible article on the blog, please say so–and also include the preferred press dates.

You’ll receive a confirmation response when we have listed your show.

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