6 Recent Trends in Theater and Show Production

Technology is fast changing.


This era, the 21st Century, is technology-driven. There’s been advancements in almost all aspects of life, thanks to technology.

The current era is an age of trendy things. Theaters and show production industries have not been left behind. They’ve integrated technology to boost their services.

In the current century, theaters and show production industries are at a different performance level. They’ve become more comfortable and fancier.

Here’re six trends in theaters and show production you need to know:

  • Renovation of already existing theaters
  • Building theaters anywhere, all over the world
  • Diversification of the film industry
  • Constructing temporary theaters
  • Using computer generated images with practical effects
  • Flexibility in show production studios and theaters

6 Worthy Trends in the Theater Production Industry

  1. Renovation of already existing theaters

There has been a rise in the renovation and refurbishing of existing theaters. Some of these theaters have been in existence for decades. Their antique appearance represents the traditions that need to be preserved and passed to the next generations.

Therefore, the old works of art are being integrated with current technology to adapt to the current requirements and meet modern expectations. 

Modern tools are used to give theaters and show production areas a modern touch. There are many tools in use for construction of new theaters and renovation of existing ones.

Some of the best tools in use are cabinet table saws. The saws are produced in various styles to achieve varied desired outcomes.

Cabinet table saws are perfect for use with woods. Most theaters use wood for their construction and even installation of chairs. Therefore, if you’re a contractor who deals with wood, you can get one at a fair price in the market.

The pro of cabinet saws is that they have features such as:

  • Fencing systems
  • Dust collection ports
  • Accident prevention parts
  • Features meant to safeguard your safety.

The fencing systems provide you with ample time and opportunity to easily change the angle of the wood you are working on, so as to make several cuts.

The best cabinet table saw choice for the dollars is functional, durable and effective. It features a sharp blade for faster cuts and an ergonomic handle for comfortable grip.

The saw is also lightweight and compact for easier handling and storage. Other types of saws you may need include:

  • Hack saws
  • Chainsaws
  • Band saws
  • Miter saws
  • Jig saws
  • Coping saws
  • Circular saws
  • Building theaters anywhere

There’s an increasing popularity in constructing theaters and show studios in locations that meet the conditions necessary for such amenities. People construct theaters in any place that they prefer as long as they’re in love with it.

Any existing building can be turned into a theater and a showroom. With creativity on the rise, old warehouses and even car parks can be converted into amazing theater rooms.

  • The film industry is being diversified

The social commentary has diversely increased, hence the need for diversity in film production. More female leads are being used, and racial diversity is also being observed.

The show production industry has become more accommodative to people from different diversities.

  • Constructing temporary theaters

Temporary theaters are cost-effective, and serve the purpose for which they were built, after which they are removed or used for other appropriate purposes. This makes it convenient as the theaters and showrooms do not lie dormant when not in use.

The current designs used in building temporary theaters have made them increasingly popular. People love them so much because they’re flexible and sometimes used even for periods longer than the expected design period.

Some can even be converted into permanent theaters and studios if they turn out to be more convenient and impressive.

  • Using computer generated images with practical effects

Some years back, everybody thought that computer-generated imagery would replace practical effects completely. However, this has not been the case recently.

Currently, the trend in special effects usage in film production is often about effects.

Show production teams prefer and love practical effects more. However, some parts are created using computer-generated imagery.

  • Flexibility in show production studios and theaters

Flexibility makes work and accessing the theaters easier. Both designers and directors have a thing for flexibility.

Therefore, when designing theaters and show production studios, the architects and those working on the structures should keep it in mind.

Flexibility ensures comfort and safety within the theaters. Creativity has to be used to the full potential to think of the best ways to design stages and theater rooms to meet these expectations.


Technology has made life easier and somehow cheaper. Everybody is looking for convenience and comfort nowadays. Proper art and design knowledge help make amazing impressions in theaters and the production of shows. People go with fashion, and the trendier a theater is, the more it’s likely to attract attention.