About NYTheater Now

nytheater now is a companion to Indie Theater Now. Indie Theater Now is a digital library of contemporary American and Canadian plays, more than 900 as of this writing. Use Indie Theater Now to search for plays for production and for the classroom; for audition material; and for deep, rich background about the playwrights and plays themselves in the form of podcasts, interviews, profiles, and reviews. Use Indie Theater Now to READ these plays, too. Every time you purchase a play to read on Indie Theater Now, the playwright gets a royalty, so you’re not only getting a chance to partake of dramatic literature, you’re also helping to ensure its future by giving the artist a bit of remuneration. Here’s a good guide to how you can read plays on Indie Theater Now.

So, why does Indie Theater Now need a companion? Well, when we built it, we had those two objectives I just mentioned as the paramount goals for the website: discovery (search) and experience (reading). We don’t want to make it harder for people to do those two really important things on Indie Theater Now. But we DO want to provide richer context around the plays, and we want to provide a fuller picture of contemporary indie drama that’s not necessarily limited to the artists featured on Indie Theater Now.

Our solution: this website. Its title tells you a lot about what we have planned for it. It’s about nytheater (i.e., theater in New York City and its immediate environs) because that’s where we’re based and that’s been our “beat” for the past 17 years, first on our sister site nytheatre.com and now right here.

The “now” is the really important part. Just as in Indie Theater Now’s name, it’s a clear and emphatic announcement of our focus on work that’s being created today. nytheater now means to be a spot on the web where we’ll explore the brand new American plays happening on NYC stages today.

We’ll also use this as a platform for some of our outreach activities, and our work within the NYC indie theater community.

(July 12, 2014)