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Theatrical performances are always likened to great plays by popular playwrights such as August Wilson, Tom Stoppard or Theresa Rebeck, and big Broadway musicals such as Phantom of the Opera.

Contemporary theatrical performances provide a wide range of experiences for both the audience and performers. Although new or hybrid performances have evolved over the years, contemporary performances in the last half a century to a century were unique.

Plays are at the heart of theatrical performances.

Written by playwrights and set in texts, actors work under directors to perform play productions. They tell stories and continue to question humanity and reflect follies and foibles since Greece in 523 BCE.

Civilizations show that the tradition of formal storytelling has its roots back in early days. However, contemporary theatrical performances are more diverse than they were historically.

Major commercial theaters worldwide often produce playwrights from different ethnic, gender and racial backgrounds.

Successful writers such as Theresa Rebeck, August Wilson, Tony Kushner, and David Henry Hwang laid a good foundation for the industry. They created opportunities for the modern playwrights with diverse backgrounds to explore varied opportunities and perform on stage to be heard.

Play and drama performances are beneficial for both kids and adults. Theatrical performances build confidence, focus and concentration, communication and language skills, emotional intelligence and creativity.

At NY Theater Now, we use information to encourage cooperation and impart numeracy skills in the young ones and the aged. We help our audiences and performers to understand the world around them and promote physical development.

Theatrical performances also nurture friendships and relationships.

NY Theater Now provides a platform where different users such as actors and actresses or lovers of play can access whatever information they need to perform various plays or access information they need, respectively.