The Apple Tree, or Penis no. 7

by Cheryl King · August 15, 2014

It’s not easy to talk about penises without scaring your audience, but Regina Gibson does.

I was perusing my program, and looked up to find her perched on a chair center stage, next to a little black table.  She greeted the audience like old friends, and when show time arrived she asked for a glass of red wine from the stage manager and we were off. And she was on, for a 30-minute poetic journey – a rhapsody about wet and wonderful interactions between men and women, and women and penises.

Regina is an accomplished actor, with a fluid style that lends itself perfectly to the rhymes and rhythms in this brilliant piece. The lightness of her delivery is in fine contrast to the depth of her subject matter – is there real intimacy in a blow job? Does sex mean communication? Is Italy a great place or what?

She challenges the audience to place a value on our casual sexual moments, on our “adult” decisions to make the beast with two backs. It’s masterful writing, delivered with a gorgeous smile, and her luminous eyes glitter as she gambols about the stage, as fluid as a nymph. She owns her sexuality, and it’s amazing how the language, even when veering into the vulgar, carries a delicate polish and style.

Her engaging performance is like a glass of fine wine, with deep undertones and delicious top notes.





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