by Ed Malin · August 17, 2014

Wouldn't it be a relief for all Jews if someone could prove the Holocaust never happened?  In his solo show "Hoaxocaust!", directed by Jeremy Gold Kronenberg, Barry Levey asks this question to diffuse some of the anguish that he and other descendants of Holocaust survivors experience.  Perhaps parents wouldn't be so critical of intermarriage, or any statements one might care to make against Israeli policy.  Levey's character is on the verge of going to his brother's wedding to a "Franco-Algerian", which has provoked some xenophobia in his family.  The more he thinks about it, the more Barry feuds with his Dominican boyfriend, leading first to a victimization competition and then to their breakup. 

From this perspective, perhaps it would be easier not to have to deal with the baggage of the Holocaust.  So, Levey relates how he seeks out scholars who deny the extent of the Holocaust.  Some of them like to be called "revisionist".  Arthur Butz of Chicago asserts that instead of 6 million Jewish casualties, there may have been closer to 300,000.  He thinks multiple family members may have reported the same person's death, and that millions of Jews tried to avoid their wives and their whole culture--who really wants to do the traditional fucking through a hole in a sheet thing?--and just went underground (in Brooklyn).

Pondering for a moment if Nazi testimony at the Nuremberg trials about the murder of 6 million Jews might be exaggerated, Barry next meets with David Irving of London.  This scholar believes Hitler wanted to intern all Jews--potential allies of Russia, the real enemy--and never stated any intention to commit genocide.  David asks himself if he has access to reliable sources, but then takes the opportunity to meet with Robert Faurisson of Paris.  Faurisson claims to have taken 70-year old bricks from Auschwitz gas chambers, and has found no residue of the lethal Zyklon B gas.  He says it is up to the Jews to prove that the Holocaust did happen.  Otherwise, with every new Middle East conflict, people will simply see the online information posted by Holocaust deniers and conclude that the majority view is true.

Barry then has the opportunity to meet with former Iranian government mouthpiece Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, a jovial man who simply asks how all the evidence proving the Holocaust happened could exist unless the Jews had made a deal with Satan.  Conspiracies such as the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" show that Jews are evil, so everything else just follows.

Levey fortunately lets us know he's been joking with us thus far.  The speeches that Hitler did make, and the census data and Nazi testimony all prove that the Holocaust happened.  The danger is the need some people right now feel to malign all Jews when Israel retaliates against Hamas (funded by Iran and others with an interest in destabilizing the region).

I think this is like asking why deport all Acadians because some opposed the British, or why oppress all the Jews in Russia because a few of them killed Tsar Alexander II?  Why is Anti-Semitism raging in Europe right now?  Isn't it best to magnify this ridiculous behavior now, while there's still a chance to see it for what it is? 

Levey is kind enough to supply links to Holocaust sources such as http://www.holocaustresearchproject.org





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