Greetings from Clark University

by Gino DiIorio · September 25, 2014

Hi All

We've been following The Farm Report and it looks like we're off to a good start. All of us looking forward to working with Lindsay and seeing how things develop. And special thanks to Padraic Lillis and Martin Denton for including Clark in the process.

I'm preaching to the choir here but it's worth noting how important this work is. Any playwright or student of the art should read Todd London's "Outrageous Fortune." In it, he outlines the many challenges playwrights at all levels face in developing new works. To be blunt, there simply aren't as many generators of new work around anymore. We do readings and talk backs and develop things...followed by more readings! Not that there's anything wrong with that, but nothing replaces seeing the darned thing up on its feet off book, warts and all.

We'll be hosting Lindsay Joy up here in beautiful Worcester, MA at some point, we're guessing right around the time the temp hits 12 below with six feet of snow on the ground! But Linday is a transplanted New Englander (and thankfully a Red Sox fan) so we're sure she's up to the challenge.

So this is really cool, good luck to everyone down at Ashland we're looking forward to seeing the piece going forward.

all the best,

Gino DiIorio
Theatre Program Director
Clark U





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