Does This Dress Make Me Look Alone?

by Ed Malin · August 10, 2014

Julie Kottakis's character isn't a single mom, she's an alone mom.  When she says this, it's unexpectedly funny. Her solo show, Does This Dress Make Me Look Alone?, directed by Jay Stern, presents an ironically positive story which, to others, could be a disaster.

The men who come and go, and return to their wives.

Good for them for doing the right thing (in the end)!

The loudly happy Greek mother who seemed so happy for everyone else besides Julie.

The relatives and friends who could understand her mother having a baby and getting divorced, but didn't know what to say when Julie had a baby without a divorce or a marriage.  Even though they scared away her nice Black ex-boyfriend by being intolerant.

And where is this baby now, during the show?  Sitting at home?

The bigger she gets, the harder she is to ignore, apparently.

Like a little, cute, STD that never goes away.

Those who have and love babies (such as your jolly reviewer) will laugh and laugh at the progressively unfair events of this story.  There is sage advice, such as: always stay on the pill, and never invite men you don't really like to your "bringers" stand-up show.  To find out why these are pearls of modern wisdom, you should go see the fearless performance.  You won't be alone in enjoying it.





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