Alienne: The Musical Adventures of My Little Martian

by Gianfranco Lentini · August 13, 2014

From a distant galaxy long ago and far away comes this year's Fringe show, Alienne: The Musical Adventures of My Little Martian. A cosmic adaptation of "The Little Mermaid," this musical features a book, music and lyrics by Jim Colleran and direction by Joanna Greer that will have you singing and dancing along!

Onwards through our galactic journey of the solar system, we meet Alienne, whose dream is to be a human being, or as the Martians refer to them, Earthlings. However, according to her father, King Nebula, and all her friends around her, Earthlings are not efficient because their emotions give way to mistakes. Refusing to believe that being a Martian is the “way of the universe,” Alienne seeks out the help of the evil Earthsula, and this is where our astro-adventures begin.

An interactive musical for all ages, Alienne teaches the younger members of the audience that by being who you are and who you were born to be, you can follow your own star. And for those of us audience members who’ve grown old but remain young at heart, what we have to learn is that which we seldom realize: making a mistake can change you in a useful way. However, for all you Pluto fanatics, I regret to inform you that the only lesson you’ll be getting is an astronomy class on why it is no longer a planet but actually a dwarf planet.

Clocking in at only 55 minutes long, this one-act musical is perfect for entertaining the young ones in any family. Putting no dent in your schedule, this show will fly by so fast that anyone would be enticed to buy another ticket. And if once is enough, you’re guaranteed to leave the theater humming that catchy, recurring theme song, "My Little Martian.” I’d be lying to you if I said I haven’t been doing this myself.

A fantastic performance by a cast of multi-talented actors, there’s nothing more you could ask for from Alienne. Difficult to spotlight any one performer, they each bring something unique to the show that’s as hilarious as it is entertaining. So whether it be the endearing nature of Alienne (Jenna Dallacco), the cat antics of Quark (Gerardo Pelati), or the devilish divaness of Earthsula (Tauren Hagans), I implore you to try and pick your favorite character.

Before Alienne: The Musical Adventures of My Little Martian flies out of this year’s Fringe and onto another planet, make sure you join along for the ride!





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