A Thousand Plays in a Thousand Days? Check!

August 5, 2014

About 50 days ago we announced another of the challenging but attainable goals that I guess have characterized NYTE's history (deciding to review every show in FringeNYC is a good example of this). We said (here) that Indie Theater Now would publish 1,000 plays in (about) 1,000 days -- in time for our third birthday, which is this Thursday, August 7th.

Well, I am very proud to tell everyone that: we're done.

In fact, we're actually at Play #1,001 right now -- yep, we've started on the second thousand already.

Thanks to the playwrights who hustled to get their plays to us over the past seven weeks, to make this real: Mike Gorman, Adam R. Burnett, Duncan Pflaster, Elana Gartner, Kelly McAllister, Charly E. Simpson, Theresa Buchheister & Ryan William Downey, Ken Wolf, Jason S. Grossman, Midge Guerrera, Glenn Alterman, Topher Cusumano, Bricken Sparacino, Robin Rice Lichtig, Sam Byron, Rich Orloff, Donald Molosi, David Hauptschein, Michael Hagins, Sarah Shaefer, Daniel Talbott, Neal Utterback, Barbara Cassidy, DT Arcieri, Alex Riad, Justin Cornell, Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich, Paula Cizmar, Tim Bungeroth, Sylvia Reed, Cody Daigle, Tom Slot, Simon Fill, Mike Teele, Sarah Congress, Yvette Heyliger, Cindy Wolfe Boynton, Tom Rowan, John Dapolito, The Blood Brothers, J.Stephen Brantley, Andrew Rothkin, Tamara Rose, Richard Warren, Christine Evans, Randall David Cook, Siobhan O'Laughlin, Dael Orlandersmith, Megan Mostyn-Brown, Charlotte Miller, Crystal Skillman, Daniel Reitz, Stanton Wood, Sara Farrington, James Fauvell, Lynn Marie Macy, David L. Epstein, Israela Margalit, Manuel Igrejas, Tira Palmquist, Vanessa Shealy, Jackie Goldfinger, Theatre 167, and No.11 Productions.

The list just kind of floors me as I type it out: we are associated with some mighty talented people.

The plan is for Indie Theater Now to be a place where exciting, challenging, interesting, significant new American plays are available to be discovered. With the first thousand plays under our belt, I feel we have an excellent library where people can get real insight into how indie theater has been developing over the past couple decades, and where it's heading.

A thousand plays in a thousand days? No sweat. (Hey, we just did 100 in 50 days.)

The momentum is only just STARTING to build. Stay tuned, friends!





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