Shirley Gnome: Real Mature

by Ed Malin · March 8, 2015

Shirley Gnome is on tour from Vancouver.  Everyone who saw her play in the Frigid Festival at Under St Marks this Saturday night laughed hysterically at her brave musical explorations.  Even though Shirley is a lovely, wholesome-looking musician, she has an arsenal of dirty songs that make you feel better about life.  Shirley admits this music might not get played on the radio, so check out her cleverly titled albums (one example is "C*untry Music") for a laugh.

For starters, there was the rhyme about the time she discovered something strange on her body following a night of sex.  "Glitter" quite magically finds a way to rhyme with "clitoris".

There are songs about feelings and thoughts a lot of us may have been afraid to explore outside of song form.  One concerns Anna Nicole Smith and her love life with her ancient husband.  During this song, we get a chorus of Neil Young's "Old Man", just for fun.  Shirley's technique helps her effortlessly switch genre, tempo, etc. within the length of a song.

There is also some education about the dangerously strong pot brownies in Vancouver.  If you eat three, you and your loved one might have irreconcilable, uncontrollably wandering thoughts.

My favorite song, which invokes the "mature" part of the show title, was "Just Friends".  This explores what happens when two heterosexual friends get involved then married with children, but still remain foremost just friends.   Someone has to play this on the radio.

And don't forget it's Women's History Month.  "Hooker" is a song about what regular women do for free but might do for money.  In the end, Shirley tells us what she would do for a guy who would change the world so girls and women would have equal opportunity and equal pay for equal work.

There's a lot more good music to remind us of all the other awkward things some of us have done.  I hope Shirley has a long, prosperous tour.                                                    





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