Bi, Hung, Fit... and Married

by Ed Malin · February 26, 2015

Thank goodness for men who share, and for wives who listen.  If you'd prefer not to see this kind of direct spouse-on-spouse communication and intimacy, you have your choice of Real Housewives shows to watch.  However, if you'd like to see how an adventurous couple learns to grow together, and you don't mind dealing with the hard questions, I recommend the play Bi, Hung, Fit… and Married, written and performed "bi Mark Bentley Cohen".  This traveling show from Vancouver is directed by Sean Cummings, and produced by Lianna Walden, wife of the performer.  That's enough to make me want to read on.

We join Marco and his wife 15 years into their marriage.  Marco has always been bisexual and was happily involved with a male friend from adolescence until marriage.  Isn't it OK to be happy again now?  Will being honest about what he wants bring him and his wife closer together?  Go see the show with an open mind, and perhaps learn a new way to get along with someone important in your life.  Marco's account of this lifestyle suggests that it  is common enough, but does not need to be underground.  There are plenty of happy, funny and somewhat adult moments, but never a dull moment.  I have learned that sometimes it takes three people to figure out the best way to fit three people into a bed.  Enough said about that, for now.

There are many lessons locked inside this play.  One is that when two people who like being restless and creative get married and settle down, they may both feel trapped.  In the story which unfolds herein, both partners really benefit when they talk about freedom, privacy and the other stuff non-married folks traditionally possess.  There is talk about sex, too, and how people of different genders might approach this.  Most importantly, this play gives me a sense that change is possible after marriage.  Doesn't that make you feel better on some level?





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