It Ain’t Going To Be Normal

by Ed Malin · February 19, 2015

Artem Yatsunov and Henry Vega return to this year's Frigid Festival to present It Ain't Going To Be Normal.  It's an evening of storytelling.  Tonight's theme: relocation.  No two shows are the same.

Leading off the show, Artem Yatsunov narrates how his family came from Ukraine to New Jersey and how he moved to New York.  With superb grounding, he recalls why and how Vincent Van Gogh removed his ear, and relates this to his own physical urges in a tiny Bushwick apartment.  Billed as "gross", it was an engrossing tale.

Next, Ruby Day brings us through an accident in which not just the car is uplifted.  The serene dislocation and lack of control that Ruby and her friend experience leads to many conclusions about life.  Although I don't own a car, next time I'm driving in Simi-Valley-porn-capital-of-the-world, or anywhere else, I will keep my seat belt securely fastened.

Bay Bryan tells of his escape from Golden, Colorado all the way to studying in Scotland, which allowed him to resume his curtailed development as a gay man. This was a very touching story of attachment which, like most "15 year-old relationships" had to end, although one is never too old to be in such an emotional place.  

Henry Vega ends the program with a report of a rash which spread around most of his body.  Growth, relocation and survival somehow fuel this story, which fortunately ends well.

I found lots of humor and warmth in these stories, and see that some other Frigid veterans are lined up to be special guests in the remaining performances.  Enjoy their quality responsibly.






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