New Stuff on Indie Theater Now

January 21, 2015

At the end of last year I wrote this, wherein I made some promises about new stuff coming to our websites, especially Indie Theater Now. Well, this past weekend we rolled out the newest version of Indie Theater Now...and A LOT of this new stuff is now online.

I am going to talk about the 2 biggest new features in separate articles coming soon (spoiler alert: those 2 new features are Email Alerts and Indie Theater Conversations, and you can absolutely feel free to start exploring them right now!).

Today, though, I wanted to announce some of the other new enhancements and additions that I hope will make your time on ITN more convenient and enjoyable.

  1. You can now sign in to Indie Theater Now via Facebook and Google. Yep, you read that right: you can use your Facebook or Google (gmail) login on Indie Theater Now to access your account and play library. Which means you won't have to remember that pesky ITN User ID or password anymore -- just use the one you use for Facebook or Google and you're in. This is very easy to set up: just sign in to ITN with your current ID and password, click on your name on the right side of the menu bar and navigate to "Account." From there, click "Manage my external logins" and then you'll be guided to add credentials from Facebook or Google or both. And thereafter, simply select the appropriate service on the Sign In screen when you come back to ITN!
  2. You can now recover a forgotten password automatically. If you should forget your ITN password, you can now recover it automatically, without having to contact our help desk. There's a "Forgot your password?" link right on the Sign In screen. This should make password recovery go much more quickly and smoothly.
  3. Indie Theater Playwright Profiles are back! You may recall that, back in 2010, we partnered with the good folks at "50/50 in 2020" to launch a series of profiles of women playwrights, written by their colleagues. We expanded that to include profiles of playwrights of all genders, and then further to include indie theater companies who are represented on Indie Theater Now, as well. Profiles kind of went on hiatus a couple of years ago, but we've brought them back and are actively seeking to add many new ones in coming months. Check 'em out.
  4. Expanded show listings are now on the Indie Theater Hall of Fame Site. More than 160 of NYC indie theater's leading actors, directors, playwrights, designers, and other artists are represented in the Indie Theater Hall of Fame. Stay apprised of their current and upcoming shows by bookmarking this link.

As always, your thoughts about what we're up to are always welcome, so please email me with feedback.

More details about Email Alerts and Indie Theater Conversations are coming soon, so watch this column! And there will be some other exciting announcements of more "new stuff" in coming weeks.





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