Announcing the Indie Theater Hall of Fame!

December 1, 2014

ithalloffameToday I am very proud to announce the launch of NYTE's newest project, the Indie Theater Hall of Fame!

Every year since 2004, NYTE has recognized about fifteen indie theater artists and companies for their excellent and significant contributions to the NYC indie theater landscape. We announce their names about this time each year, and make a bit of a fuss...and then the excitement dies down and we move on.

But not anymore! The Indie Theater Hall of Fame provides a permanent home for our People of the Year -- a place to celebrate the accomplishments that earned them these laurels in the first place, and more importantly, a place where their ongoing, current, and future work will be noted as well.

On Friday, December 5th, we'll announce the class of 2014 who will join the 147 artists who are already in the Hall of Fame. So check back for that!

Meanwhile, please peruse the Indie Theater Hall of Fame. This recognition has always been meant to be a tool for discovery of the oustanding, innovative, foundational, challenging theater that is being made in the NYC area every year by brave, adventurous, talented, groundbreaking individuals and companies.

So as you wander through the halls of the Hall of Fame, you'll see over and over again where we recognized artists at the beginnings of their careers who are now acknowledged leaders of the indie theater community: folks like Brian Rogers (artistic director of The Chocolate Factory) back in 2004 ... or actress Susan Louise O'Connor (now touring with Angela Lansbury in Blithe Spirit) back in 2005 ... or Kelley Nicole Girod (now Producing Director of the award-winning Billie Holiday Theatre) in 2011.

And of course we've also honored some of our community's most respected stalwarts, like Edith O'Hara and Terry Schreiber in 2007 and Arthur Aulisi and The Talking Band in 2008. (Just to name a few!)

(And if you're wondering how we select the People of the Year, here's the scoop: NYTE's reviewers make nominations during the month of November. Around Thanksgiving time, the NYTE Board reviews all the nominated artists and selects a group of 15 that seem to represent the current state of NYC theater in terms of form, style, and diversity. The only rule is that an artist can't be a Person of the Year more than once. In 2014, for the first time, we invited the prior year's honorees to make nominations as well.)

I'll see you Friday with the Big Announcement. Please let me know what you think about the new Hall of Fame website by emailing me or commenting on our Facebook page.





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