July Update on 2014 Resolutions: ITN Classics, Plays by Women, 1000 Plays in 1000 Days

July 1, 2014

As you may recall, at the start of 2014, I made this New Year's resolution:

Every month in 2014, we’ll introduce at least one idea on Indie Theater Now or nytheater now to grow our sector and its constituents.
June has been a busy month for us here at ITN, and we did three things that I think definitely qualify for inclusion on this month's update.

First--we inaugurated a new section within our library -- Indie Theater Now CLASSICS. What we will be showcasing here are older plays (in the public domain) that have been presented by a contemporary theater company with a view toward helping audiences discovering their theatrical/social/historical roots. We present the full script in our library along with materials that contextualize the work and help readers appreciate how this work is relevant and produceable in the 21st century. Our first CLASSIC is Within the Law by Bayard Veiller, as produced by Metropolitan Playhouse, with annotations by Alex Roe. Check it out!

Next--in response to the recent list of plays by women created by The Kilroys, we highlighted the plays written by 232 women that are currently part of Indie Theater Now's library. We also publicly offered to publish any of the plays on the short list of 46 plays circulated by The Kilroys, or the full list of 300 nominees. One playwright, Paula Cizmar, has taken us up on this offer--and I am happy to let you know that within a few weeks I expect that her nominated play January will be available on Indie Theater Now!

And finally--on June 19th we officially launched the "1000 Plays in 1000 Days" initiative. This is our way of celebrating our upcoming third birthday here at Indie Theater Now, in the only way we know how: by publishing plays. In fact, our goal is to get to 1000 plays by August 7th. As I wrote when I announced this, Has anyone ever published a thousand plays in a thousand days? I still don't know for sure if we are going to be the first to achieve this milestone, but we are on target. We just published our 931st play last night. Onward!





Loco7's "Undefined Fraction" at La MaMa
I got to pay a visit to one of my all-time favorite indie theaters, La MaMa E.T.C., for a performance of Undefined Fraction, which is part of the company's 2015 Puppet Series. This blend of edgy puppetry, physical theater, and dance is an exemplar of the kind of meditative hybrid installation/happening/drama that has been a mainstay of this East Village institution for decades.
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A look back at Trav S.D.'s book on vaudeville, published 10 years ago this month.
United Solo 2014: Done; United Solo 2015: Starting Now!
ITN's United Solo 2014 play collection is now complete; and our first 2015 play--LOUISE IN CHARLESTOWN by Penny Jackson--is available as well.