Clancy, Epstein, and Davidowitz Coming to Indie Theater Now @ Stage Left This Summer

June 4, 2014

Last month, we launched Indie Theater Now @ Stage Left with two performances of Cory Conley's new play Worship and Obey.

This first edition was a "beta test" of the concept that Cheryl King and I had devised. Basically, the idea is to provide a nurturing place for ITN playwrights to bring a new script further along in development. The playwright and his/her collaborators get two performances at Stage Left Studio at no rental fee; and Stage Left gets a chance to bring in a little revenue by charging a nominal admission fee. I love that we are bringing ITN playwrights to a welcoming space to work on their plays--and that we are bringing audiences to Stage Left to learn more about that space.

Well, everyone seems to think that the "beta" was a success. I recorded a podcast with Cory and his director Craig Baldwin where we talk about, among other topics, how this went from their perspective (coming soon to ITN!)

So I'm excited to announce a full summer lineup of Indie Theater Now @ Stage Left!

June 10 and June 24John Clancy brings his first new play to the NYC stage in three years. It's called The True Tragedy of Salome, and will be directed by John and star his longtime collaborators Nancy Walsh and Kevin Pariseau. I can't begin to say how thrilled I am that John is doing this production as part of ITN@SL; we are honored to have him! This is going to be an event, friends.

July 8 and July 23: David L. Epstein will bring a new play, Top Floor, to the ITN@SL series. Casting TBA. David is a terriffic actor, director, and playwright--this is the first new play of his in NYC in quite a while.

August 5 and August 19: Stacy Davidowitz's new play, Miracle Village, will come to ITN@SL. Stacy's an enormously talented young writer and I can't wait to see this new piece of hers!

You can get tickets for The True Tragedy of Salome right now. Watch for info about David and Stacy's plays in coming weeks.

Rochelle and I will be at the first performances of all of these shows, and we're eager to hang out afterwards and get people's thoughts about what they've seen. So, see you all on June 10th!





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