Introducing: Indie Theater Now @ Stage Left

April 29, 2014

We're trying something new at Indie Theater Now next week, which I hope will become a regular monthly event. We're teaming up with Cheryl King and Stage Left Studio, and we're calling it--with dazzling clarity and ingenuity--Indie Theater Now @ Stage Left.

Our pilot event is on May 6th and May 20th -- two staged reading performances of Worship and Obey, a new play by Cory Conley. Cory has written a bit about this new piece on Indie Theater Now.

Our vision for Indie Theater Now @ Stage Left is simple: to provide a nurturing environment for Indie Theater Now playwrights to develop new work in front of a supportive audience. It's a very natural extension of what we do here at ITN, and it's a great fit for Stage Left Studio as well, as it is a small, energetic company housed in a welcoming and intimate space in Midtown (a block from Penn Station) whose mission is to provide a home to excellent new playwrights and theater artists.

The whole idea came about when we had lunch with Cheryl about a month ago. Cheryl brought up an interesting notion: to provide space for playwrights two nights a month, for the purpose of developing a new work. The first performance would be a staged reading followed by a little informal reception where the artists would get a chance to see the piece on its feet and gather whatever feedback they felt appropriate from folks in attendance. The playwright and director could then take what then learned from that performance, make some changes, and then return two weeks later for a second staged reading in the space.

It seemed to me to be a great model for tangibly supporting the development process, and when Cheryl asked if ITN would help curate the series, we were very excited to get involved. If all goes as we hope it will, we think this will be a great adjunct to ITN, providing our playwrights with another venue for getting their work up in front of an audience and for abetting their creative process.

Tickets to the readings are $12, all of which goes to Stage Left to help them defray their expenses.

I am really excited about our first event, which is on Tuesday, May 6 at 7:30pm. All info is here. Did I mention that the artists who will be participating -- in addition to Cory, who is an award-winning playwright as well as an esteemed contributor to nytheater now (see commentaries on Violet and Hedwig, his latest pieces) -- include director Craig Baldwin and actors Thomas Jay Ryan, Chris Perfetti, and Sofia Lauwer?

Please join us at Stage Left on the 6th or 20th and let me know your feedback about this new program -- we are hopeful that it will be a success, and make a real difference in the works of some of our playwrights!





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