Planting the seeds...the Farm Report!

by Lindsay Joy · February 10, 2014

The Farm Report!

Ah- the appeal and freedom of new pages. Some people fear the blank screen and the blinking cursor, but to me they are two of the sexiest beacons in the world. I love the start of a new play. This one- already fortified with so many ideas from the students of Ashland and Centre- seems to be flying right out of my fingertips. I’m sure once I get to that sticky 50/60 page zone I will get as hung up as I always do, but right now...pure joy.

I was struck last week by the ratio in both classrooms of females to males. I think it’s pretty typical for most college theater departments to be a bit female heavy, and I’m taking that into consideration. I’m a female playwright that typically writes strong female central characters with a host of male secondary characters. Cyberqueen has a ratio of two women to four men. Not on purpose- I don’t tend to think about male to female ratios when I’m plugging along on a project (I just want to get the sucker out), but I think it’s important here. Part of this collaboration is giving tangible opportunities to the students. So, ladies of Centre, Clark, and Ashland: I’m populating this play with a lot of really fun women. This is my commitment to you. I’ve blogged about it- so now you can hold me to it.

I noticed a lot of LGBT themes and concerns woven through our discussions about social media and privacy. I’m definitely going to plant some of those seeds in this new world. Not quite sure where or how right now, but it’ll happen.

I was also touched and excited that a couple of students reached out to me one on one. I mentioned in the classroom video conference that I was open to that and I’m hoping that it keeps happening. These individuals had some amazing insight and moving stories.

I told Padraic this week that this project is making me feel whole. Proud. Nervous. Excited. I’m so curious to meet some more of these characters and to see where this process takes them...and me. Here’s to cursors, blank screens and my favorite part...the start.





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